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    GoFlex Satellite is a Wireless Storage Drive for iPad & iPhone

    Seagate has announced the GoFlex Satellite, which is essentially a portable hard drive that can wirelessly transfer files to and from iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Have you ever run out of room on your iPad or iPhone? Even if you have a 64GB iPad, between all your movies, music and apps, 64GB […]

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    Seagate’s GoFlex Slim Portable Hard Drive Review

    Thin is in! Feast your eyes on one of the thinnest USB portable hard drives ever, Seagate’s GoFlex Slim 320GB Portable Hard Drive. It’s not only thinner than most any portable hard drive, it’s faster too! It’s a 7200RPM disk drive with a USB 3.0 connector, wrapped in a tough anodized metal casing. Plus it’s […]

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    Buffalo CloudStor Review with Pogoplug

    NAS drives are a dime a dozen nowadays. So in order to stand out, a NAS drive needs to bring a lot more to the plate than just backing up the drives on your network. Fortunately, Buffalo’s latest CloudStor with Pogoplug NAS drive brings together the strength of Buffalo Tech’s great NAS devices with Pogoplug’s […]

  • Deadmau5 USB Drive Features Exclusive 4×4=12 Album Content

    Deadmau5 certainly isn’t the first music artist to bundle exclusive content on a USB key, heck, Matchbox Twenty has a history of bundling their content from concerts on USB wristbands. Still, this Deadmau5 USB key is especially adorable since it looks like the deceased rodent himself. The USB drive, or rather u5B drive, features their […]

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    OCZ Enyo Portable 64GB USB 3.0 Solid State Drive Review

    As the USB 3.0 standard becomes more prominent in laptops and PCs, so will portable Solid State Hard Drives (SSDs). SSDs are substantially faster than traditional hard drives, not to mention they use a lot less power, have no moving parts, and can even be built into smaller enclosures. OCZ, one of the leading SSD […]

  • Mimoco Debuts New Tokidoki Mimobot Flash Drives at SXSW 2011

    Amongst the panels, queso, and beer at SXSW 2011, one company has actually announced a tangible product and not a social app – Mimoco. Today Mimoco announced a new line of Tokidoki Mimobots. This is not the first time Mimoco and Tokidoki have worked together to bring their adorable flash drives to the world.

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    Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Drive Review

    You want to speed up your laptop with a faster hard drive, but can’t afford to spend hundreds on a solid state drive (SSD), especially to get a drive that has considerably less storage then your current drive. Well, good news! Seagate’s Momentus XT is a hybrid hard drive that combines the high capacities of […]

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    Batman MIMOBOT Flash Drive Collection Features Catwoman & Joker

    The world can never have enough Batman. Fortunately, Mimobot, the renowned designer flash drive maker, recognizes this. At Toy Fair 2011, Mimobot announced their new line of Batman flash drives, from 2GB to 16GB of storage. The line includes Batman, Robin, the Joker and Catwoman. Naturally, removing their masks means revealing their true identities: flash […]

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    Dolly Drive Brings Time Machine to the Cloud

    Set to debut at MacWorld this week, Dolly Drive is a new online backup solution that takes Time Machine backups and stores them in the cloud. That means that Mac users can access their Time Machine backups from wherever they are, even if they don’t have their hard drive with them that contains the Time […]

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    ioSafe SoloPRO Rugged External Hard Drive Review

    Backing up a computer is like flossing your teeth. You know you are supposed to do it regularly… but the reality is that you don’t take it seriously until you have to get a root canal, or months worth of precious data suddenly goes *poof* in a cloud of failed hard drive. Maybe that’s just […]

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    CES 2011 Verbatim Booth Tour

    Boy are we glad we had a chance to bump into Verbatim at the Pepcom show at CES 2011. They had some very cool storage and accessory products to show off. Some of the products are currently available, while we will be anxiously awaiting for the others to hit the market.

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    Victorinox Debuts Slim, Slim Duo, and Slim Flight Flash Drives

    Victorinox is ready to again prove they are not just a company that sells pocketknives. Slim and Slim Duo are high performance portable data storage devices that provide up to 64GB of storage for your important files, images, and presentations but also secure data encryption technology that can only be accessed through your personal password.

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    Seagate GoFlex shows off Slimmest Portable Hard Drive and More

    Seagate got the memo: Thin is in, and that’s not all! Seagate has just announced a few new additions to their popular GoFlex line at CES 2011, including one of the thinnest portable hard drives the world has seen. Seagate’s GoFlex line, which we are quite fond of, is named for it’s flexibility. Each drive […]

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    Petite PopDrive Packs in Two Syncing Hard Drives for Backup

    PopDrive wants to be your only data backup solution, and it certainly seems like it has the chops to do so. For starters, PopDrive contains two drives inside of it that are in sync with one another at all times. If one drive fails, it can be replaced with a new drive which will automatically […]

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    Intel Unleashes Ultrasmall SSD 310 Series for Tablets

    Any SSD fan had to know it was coming, but Intel has just announced their Intel SSD 310 series, which although it’s 1/8th the size of their Intel X25-class series, it manages to provide the same performance. The new ultracompact Intel SSD 310 is designed to power tablets, dual-drive notebooks, and rugged embedded industrial or […]

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    Pogoplug Biz Review

    Pogoplug is, and has been, one of the easiest ways to safely access and share your files from any computer or smartphone with internet access. You can store, access, and share limitless amounts of data and media. All of your data is stored safely on your very own hard drive in your home or office; […]

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    LaCie Brings USB 3.0 to Macs

    USB 3.0 can be up-to 2x as fast as Firewire 800, which is why it hurts so much for Mac power users that they aren’t able to use it. Or at-least that has been the way it was until now – LaCie has come out with a USB 3.0 expansion card and driver for compatible […]