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    Yet Another Game of Thrones Episode Has Gotten Out Early

    HBO just can’t stop taking Ls these days. 1.5 TB of company data, including scripts and episodes, were pilfered in a hack (with a ransom demand made a week later), but somehow that hasn’t been the cause of not one, but now two leaked Game of Thrones episodes. Episode four of this season accidentally leaked out from […]

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    Hackers are Issuing a Ransom Demand from HBO

    As was expected, things are getting even worse for HBO in the wake of an enormous security breach that resulted in 1.5 TB of company data, including scripts, episodes, and private employee information, falling into the hands of hackers. Today, those hackers demanded millions of dollars from HBO executive Richard Plepler in exchange for those […]

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    This Weekend’s Episode of Game of Thrones Has Been Leaked

    It has not been a good week for HBO. It started off with a huge security breach that resulted in 1.5 TB of data getting stolen, including episodes, scripts, and private information of employees. Now at the end of the week, they’re having to deal with this weekend’s episode of Game of Thrones getting leaked — and […]

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    HBO Has Three New Teasers for Season Six of Game of Thrones

    Which tattered, ruined banner are you going to be carrying coming into season six? It looks like that’s what HBO was asking when they told fans last week to tweet using #HouseTargaryen, #HouseStark, or #HouseLannister. Fans who played along got a teaser from the house of their choosing, but if you didn’t bother, you can […]

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    Even Death Can Be Beautiful When it Comes to Game of Thrones

    Odds are spectacularly good that in any given Game of Thrones episode, a character you like is going to die. Death is a sure thing in Westeros (and Essos) – with apologies to the old saying, taxes just aren’t on that level. Well, season four kicks off on April 6, and that means a bunch […]