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    Utopia Diamond Encrusted Headphones Cost More Than a Tesla

    Focal gives a new meaning to high-end headphones with Utopia by Tournaire. Amidst other jaw-dropping features, the headband has a trilogy setting that is made of 18-karat gold encrusted with a whopping 6.5 karats of diamonds, all done by hand. This luxury item can be yours for $120,000. Focal’s Utopia by Tournaire is built off […]

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    Mophie’s Latest Battery Pack is Literally a Piece of Art

    What do you get when you mix traditional Chinese art with Western graffiti and a touch of splash-ink technique? The ephemeral artistic styling of Hua Tunan who partnered with Mophie for a limited edition Powerstation Plus XL Battery Pack in commemoration of the the Chinese New Year which is the Year of the Rooster. It […]

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    Alpine Over Ear Headphone Review: Music You Can Feel

    Alpine, a well known audio company in the auto industry, has just released a bold-looking pair of over-ear headphones. It’s their very first pair of over-ear headphones! These futuristic headphones sport a one-of-a-kind appearance, and also a one-of-a-kind set of features. There’s a built-in powered amplifier (which is optional for music playing), a bass transducer […]

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    Philips A1-PRO DJ Headphones Gets Armin Van Buuren Seal of Approval

    Last year, we heard about an ongoing collaboration between Philips and Armin van Buuren that resulted in the M1X-DJ Sound System, a semi-portable DJ controller perched on top of a speaker system. That was followed up by the A5-PRO headphones announced earlier this spring. At IFA last week, Philips announced the next product to come […]

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    Torques are the Most Customizable Headphones Ever, But You’ll Never Guess Why

    Usually, about the only thing you can customize on your earphones is what size ear tips you want to use. Not so with the Torque Premium In-Ear Headphones, which come with interchangeable valves tailored to different musical preferences. The Torque headphones use Torque’s own Passive Acoustic Valve Technology and interchangeable valves called TorqueValves to put […]

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    Are Headphones Killing Your Hearing?

    “Turn down that bloody noise!” is a refrain teenagers are used too, but parents just got an extra clause to their dislike of rap/pop/ Bieber.  Recent studies show that hearing loss is on the rise, specifically in the 11-19 year old age bracket. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that one in five […]

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    Marshall Monitor Headphones Provide Authentic Custom Sound

    Marshall, the amp giant, is lending its sound know-how to headphones.We can trust they know what they are doing after decades in the hi-fi sound department, they are more trustworthy to make headphones than say, throw a dart random celebrity. The Monitor headphones sport a slender over-ear build to convey excellent noise isolation with massive […]

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    Olympic Runner Usain Bolt Gets in the Bluetooth Headphone Race

    Olympic gold medal winner and fantastically named, Usain Bolt, has lended his talents to developing customizable in-ear  headphones made just for runners by the so called “World’s Fastest Man.” Aptly named “Run-Free,” these headphones are lightweight, sweat resistant, and durable.  Flexible ear hooks offer comfortable adjustment to all sizes of ear and make for a […]

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    Chips, the Universal Drop-In Helmet Audio System

    Outdoor Technology makes sure you keep your helmet on with a wireless drop-in audio system that is super easy to install and use. It works with all helmets with audio enabled liners. This first of its kind tech solves the obnoxious wire problem that no one wants to deal with when they are geared up. […]

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    Yes, Even Tim Tebow Has Signature Headphones Out Now

    It’s going to be hard to contain the snark on this one, but here goes. Tim Tebow hit up CES to debut his limited edition headphone signature series with SOUL Electronics, the SL300, and his new line of athletic headphones Combat+. Tebow even handpicked blue and white as the colors for his signature series. After […]

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    Philips Made for Android Premium In-Ear Headset SHE9005A Makes Your Lobes Glow

    Next up in Phllips’ first of its kind line of headphones is the SHE9005A.  Here are the highlights: Philips Made for Android Premium In-Ear Headset: SHE9005A Quality sound 10mm high performance speakers deliver bass fidelity and true-to-life sound Premium metal housing reduces unnecessary vibration and ensures accurate sound transmission Customized rubber caps and foam sleeves […]

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    Philips Made for Android Earhook Headset SHS8105A Reels You In

    Next up in Phllips’ first of its kind line of headphones is the SHS8105A.  Here are the highlights: Philips Made for Android Earhook Headset: SHS8105A Complete sound immersion 8.6mm speakers deliver strong bass and a perfect fit for a pure sound experience •    Passive noise isolation provides better sound at lower volumes •    24k gold-plated […]

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    Philips Android In-Ear Headset SHE7005A Does the Robot

    Phllips is getting groovy with Android at CES 2012 by releasing a first of its kind line of headphones. In using these the experience is meant to be hands-free and customized just for you Android users. There aim is to make call and music management easy and enhanced with sound optimization and personalized preferences all […]

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    Ferrari by Logic3 Headphones Are Almost as Beautiful as the Car

    It looks like Ferrari wants to get in on the headphone action and has collaborated with Logic3, to unveil its new Ferrari inspired audio equipment at this year’s CES 2012.  The Ferrari by Logic3 collection includes a range of earphones, headphones and speaker docks that celebrate Ferrari’s love of the road and sleek design flair. […]

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    Urbanears Plattan Headphones Review

    Urbanears headphones have been storming their way through the fashion world; you may have even seen them at Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, or even being worn outside in the wild. We’ve been testing out the UrbanEars Plattans and it turns out they’re not just a trendy-looking pair of cans; there an all-around great pair […]