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    Atomic Floyd MiniDarts + Remote Review

    The Atomic Floyd MiniDarts + Remote is the latest offering of in-ear headphones from British headphone company Atomic Floyd. These headphones aren’t for the faint of heart. They feature rich sound, a slick edgy design and an overall sumptuous audio experience. We reviewed the Atomic Floyd MiniDarts + Mic last year, and with this latest […]

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    Nokia and Monster Team Up For Purity HD Headphones

    Nokia and Microsoft aren’t the only ones who have been making neat announcements at Nokia World 2011 today. But it seems that Monster has been getting in on the action too. They have announced the new Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset along with the Nokia Purity Stereo in-ear Headsets. Both the over the ear and […]

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    Incase Pivot On Ear Headphone Review

    It really doesn’t get anymore minimalistic than Incase’s Pivot on ear headphones.  Sometimes larger isn’t always better and if you are looking for a subtle and comfy pair of headphones, than the Pivot headphones might just be what you are looking for. Incase’s freshman entry into the headphone market is certainly interesting since they are […]

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    Incipio F38 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones Review

    Incipio, a brand known for their immense amount of phone, tablet, laptop, and e-reader cases, has recently dove into the headphone market. Their F38 Hi-Fi Stereo headphones are an affordable and trendy-looking set of over-ears that sound pretty good. The Incipio F38’s come in five different stylish flavors: matte black, neon pink, bright turquoise, vintage […]

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    Sol Republic Tracks Headphones Review

    Sol Republic is the brainchild of Kevin Lee formally of Monster Cable, who is no stranger when it comes to developing audio products, as well as Seth Combs who has been living and breathing the music and audio industry for years. Whether it be in PR marketing or the social media space. Both have joined […]

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    Jabra Sport Cuts the Cord

    Exercising while listening to music is awesome. Suffering the indignity of having your earbuds yanked out in public because the wires got caught on something is not awesome. It is the opposite of awesome. Fortunately, Jabra at IFA 2011 has created a new set of wireless headphones just for exercisers, and the benefits extend far […]

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    Boqari Q1M Headphones Review

    Boqari may not be the most well known headphone company, but they sure build a great pair of affordable headphones. The Boqari Q1M’s are a swanky pair of in-ear headphones complete with an inline microphone and control button for use with iOS, Blackberry, and Android devices.

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    DJ Over Ear Wangs with Bass Boost Takes on Beats Studio

    Fanny Wang is at it again, the headphone company has unleashed another pair of headphones that resemble a certain popular pair of very popular headphones. This latest pair from Fanny Wang is being called the DJ Over Ear Wangs with Bass Boost. These headphones offer enhanced sound with selectable bass boost, and feature 50mm titanium […]

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    InSound Clothing Review – The Hoodie with Built-in Headphones

    We have been writing about clothing with integrated headphones for years, but InSound’s Redeux Hoodie is actually the first time we got to try this type of clothing out. InSound offers a selection of hipster-style hooded sweatshirts and jackets for both men and women that feature HB3 technology. HB3 technology is what they call the […]

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    50 Cent Brings Headphone Line Back from the Dead

    Dr. Dre’s success with his Beats by Dr. Dre over the ear and in-ear headphone collection has not been lost on many in the music community. Earlier this year both Ludacris and 50 Cent announced plans to make their own headphone lines at CES 2011 – because hip hop stars wearing headphones is like the […]

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    Marshall Headphones (Major) Review

    Marshall is a company synonymous with amplifiers. So, when they took a shot at headphones, it seemed like a no-brainer. They have already perfected sound good enough to make your guitar sound like butter, so wouldn’t their headphones exhibit the same type of experience? The actual design of the Marshall Headphones (Major) is probably the […]

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    Harajuku Lovers Headphones from Monster and Gwen Stefani are Wicked

    We’re pretty much blown away by these new pairs of Harajuku Lovers In-Ear Headphones from Monster and Gwen Stefani. Monster hasn’t just produced just one, but three adorable pairs of Harajuku Lovers In-Ear Headphones, each with their own wicked style.  All of the headphones sport a tangle-free cable design, they come with multiple ear-tips, and […]