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    Sony Presents Life Logging with SmartBand Activity Monitor

    Sony’s SmartBand is the latest wearable here at CES 2014. The Sony SmartBand is another activity monitor, but with an awesome twist. The generic looking device compensates with a killer app–the LifeLog. Appropriately named, LifeLog aims to record your entire life — when you were sleeping, walking, talking, running, biking, driving, shooting photos, listening to […]

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    Jawbone Up’s the Competiton with UP24 Fitness Bracelet

    The Jawbone UP was one of the first big fitness trackers to hit shelves, so it’s no surprise that it’s getting an update this holiday season, both to the device itself and the app that processes all of that fitness and sleep data. UP24 is the brand new tracker that you can find in stores […]

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    iHealth Takes Glucose Monitoring to the Next Level

    iHealth is making it much easier for those with diabetes to keep track of their blood sugar levels over time with their new Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System, a Bluetooth monitor that uploads data to an app. The monitor itself is small and lightweight, and will display your blood sugar levels right after a test. It’ll […]

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    Bleep Bleeps Are Adorable Ovulation Companions

    There have been a lot of little gadgets released to help with parenting that work with apps to help track data and keep things organized. But, there have been few comprehensive attempts that try to help you go from pregnancy to child-rearing with one set of products. That’s what Bleep Bleeps try to do.

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    Breo iNeck Massager Aims to Replace Your Masseuse

    The Breo iNeck Neck Massager  attempts to address neck pain, with an easy to use machine. Looking a cross between something you’d find in a gym and something a Doctor might use, the iNeck Massager is surprisingly simple. Once you’ve turned it on, and adjusted the pressure via the dial, you use the two elasticated […]