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    Microsoft Band Just Got Healthier With New Features

    Few ever get it right the first time. The Microsoft Band, designed to be the fitness tracker/smartwatch complement to Lumia smartphones, launched late last year. At the time, it had its share of holes when it came to features, but Microsoft is looking to set that right with today’s update to Band and the Microsoft […]

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    Got a Hangover? Get IV Drips Delivered to Your Home

    Hey, you know those free boosts you can get at Jamba Juice? Now, instead of just drinking them along with a delicious smoothie, you can go to a Liquifusion location and get them administered through a needle in your arm over a half hour! Wait. You lucky (?) New Yorkers can now avail yourselves of […]

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    Am I Pregnant? Tech for That Time of the Month

    Using a basal thermometer to track fertility – whether you’re trying to get pregnant – or to avoid getting pregnant is, pun intended, a hit or miss business. A basal thermometer can detect tiny changes in body temperature that a normal fever thermometer can’t. It turns out that just after ovulation the body releases progesterone, […]

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    Withings Activité is the Rolex of Wearables

    Withings may have just shown everyone who is boss when it comes to smart timepieces. But first we need to give credit where it’s due – to that effect, Withings has been in the “smart” game for some time now. They were actually creating smart health devices before there was Fitbit and every other Joe […]

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    iHealth Align is World’s Smallest Glucometer

    For anyone who doesn’t like the inconvenience of having to tote around larger blood glucose monitors for their diabetes, iHealth has created one that fits into your pocket – just don’t lose it along with your loose change. The iHealth Align is about the size of a quarter, but as long as you have an […]

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    Grush: An App Toothbrush Hybrid for Kids

    Smartphone apps can make pretty much anything a game now. That includes brushing your teeth. Grush is a new app-toothbrush combo designed to make tooth brushing more fun for kids, so they will actually do it. And, let’s not kid ourselves, there are plenty of adults who could probably use Grush, too. The toothbrush included […]

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    Listen to the Beat of Your Unborn Baby with Bellabeat

    A tracker for all things. This is the way of the world, and so it is now with pregnancy. Bellabeat is a new tracker that pregnant moms can put over their wombs, getting baby vitals and giving them brand new Facebook posting material. Bellabeat connects to smartphones through the headphone jack. A pregnant mom-to-be can […]

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    Pocket-Sized Scanadu is a Tricorder for the 21st Century [Video]

    The Scanadu Scout is the modern day tricorder, a device that can read and monitor your health and vitals in mere seconds. The pocket sized device, Scanadu, is an Apple-esque device that when applied to your head for 10 seconds will record the very same vital signs that the doctor does. There’s an accompanied app that […]

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    iMedipac is a Smart Pill Box That Knows Your Drugs Better Than You Do

    The Medissimo iMedipac could also affectionately be called Pill Nag, since its number one priority is to make sure you comply with your prescribed regimen of medications. The pack is a seven day pill dispenser with 28 pouches for pills. It can be prepared either by yourself, a caretaker, or a kindly pharmacist. Once this […]

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    Kolibree Promises to Outsmart Your Dentist

    Last year at CES, we had the World’s first connected fork, so this year it only makes sense that we’d see the World’s First Connected Electric Toothbrush. At last, a toothbrush that criticizes my brushing technique! Kolibree is a bluetooth toothbrush that syncs with iOS and Android devices and records all of your brushing data. […]

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    Neubac Promises to Relieve Back Pain – Wirelessly

    Which hurts worse, your back pain or your head when you think about what you have to do to alleviate that back pain? If you’re in pain just thinking about that question, Neubac wants your attention. They have a new device that will soon be appearing at CES, and it’s set to be a savior […]

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    Philips Laser Beard Trimmer Safely Guides a Laser to Your Throat

    While other companies at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin were showing off Ultra HD TVs, curved OLED screens, smart watches and waterproof smartphones, Phillips got down to what was really important in life; men’s grooming products. Meet the first laser guided beard trimmer, designed to give men a perfectly sculpted shave each and […]

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    Are Headphones Killing Your Hearing?

    “Turn down that bloody noise!” is a refrain teenagers are used too, but parents just got an extra clause to their dislike of rap/pop/ Bieber.  Recent studies show that hearing loss is on the rise, specifically in the 11-19 year old age bracket. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that one in five […]

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    Fire Facials Promise Eternal Youth, If You Survive Them

    Growing old is scary. You know, that’s understandable. But, maybe you can bravely face the inevitable, or, I don’t know, use some moisturizer or something. Maybe don’t put open flames near your face zone? The questionable procedure in question is called huo liao (火療), which translates to fire treatment. It’s taking off right now in Chinese beauty […]

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    Breo iNeck Massager Aims to Replace Your Masseuse

    The Breo iNeck Neck Massager  attempts to address neck pain, with an easy to use machine. Looking a cross between something you’d find in a gym and something a Doctor might use, the iNeck Massager is surprisingly simple. Once you’ve turned it on, and adjusted the pressure via the dial, you use the two elasticated […]

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    MedFolio is a Wireless Pillbox with Text Message Alerts

    Drug taking is often an inevitable part of life for the elderly and those with long term illnesses. It can be pretty confusing when you have pills to swallow at multiple times of the day, and MedFolio is designed to simplify this process. When you’re not well, correctly taking medication should be the last of […]