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  • Elebra

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    Elebra is All The Energy You Need For Your Brain – Review

    Last year we reviewed the all natural, vegetarian, hangover prevention pill, Drinkwel. This year we’re reviewing the all natural, vegetarian, energy pill: Elebra. Elebra isn’t your run of the mill energy supplement. It’s designed for hard working professionals, boosting energy levels, brain function, and concentration. Elebra is a capsule with a serving size of one […]

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    Sportiiiis Glasses Keeps You Informed During Excercise

    4iiii Innovations released Sportiiiis, pronounced Sport-Eyes (obviously), an audio/visual feedback system that attaches to sport eyewear and provides athletes with real-time visual feedback of their performance data. If athletes don’t mind an accessory to their glasses this close to their eye, they can maximize the benefits of their workout by receiving up to the moment […]

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    Withings Smart Baby WiFi Scale Will Annoy Facebook Friends

    Withings, a company that lives by their mantra “Smarter Devices, Healthier Lifestyles,” has just announced their internet connected Baby and Toddler Scale. The Smart Baby Scale uses bluetooth, WiFi, and even the new low energy Bluetooth Smart to connect to your computer, iOS device, and the cloud to monitor and track your child’s growth. Similar […]

  • iqua beat

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    Iqua Beat is Ready to Feel the Rhythm of Your Heart

    It looks like CES 2012 is going to be pushing the fitness products big time and this new gadget from Iqua is the latest to help you get in shape. Iqua Beat tracks your heart rate, calorie consumption, steps, and distance traveled all the while providing audio encouragement and guidance as you work out. The […]

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    7 Gadgets That Are Straight Out of Intel’s Tech Heaven

    Intel isn’t just a company concerned about making computer processors. They’re also heavily invested in technology for tomorrow. In 2010 alone they invested $6.6 billion dollars into research and development that focused on technologies for the car, home, health, and retail space. Here are glimpses into the future of the connected experience in these spaces, […]

  • autom-weight-robot


    Share Autom: The Eyelash Batting Robotic Weightloss Coach

    January tends to begin with promises of detoxing and diets, and the Autom Weightloss coach offers you a way to make the calorie counting a little easier. It’s a robotic styled device that’s equipped with an interactive touchscreen that gives you diet tips and support and allows you to input your daily food intake. The […]

  • israel


    Mazel Tov, Israel Equips Their Doctors with iPads

    Ironic is the perfect word for this latest news story. Israel of all places, specifically the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center in Bnei Brak, is the first Israeli hospital to give an iPad to its doctors, to use both in the hospital and outside of it. This is of-course quite amusing considering that only a few […]

  • blinknow


    Blink Now Device Sits On Your Display and Reminds You to Blink

    If you’re like us, and you spend hours in front of a computer each day, then you might suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. Symptoms include dryness, soreness, irritation and redness of the eyes,  headaches, blurred vision, migraines and eye strain while looking at your monitor. To combat this condition, BLAZE has come out with Blink […]

  • fitnesscomic


    Chip Chick’s Guide to Getting in Shape with Gadgets and Apps

    Ah yes Summer, its that time of year for short shorts and bathing suits. Even though next week will already be August, sometimes it takes till now to realize that last years jean shorts are only accentuating your newly acquired muffin top and thunder thighs. It’s not too late to get the Summer body you’ve […]

  • _DSC0306

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    Philips Activa Portable Fitness Device Review

    Working out with the Philips Activa Portable fitness device is kind of like having a trainer, MP3 player, and pedometer combined into a tiny 1″ x 1″ smart product. If you’re serious about working out and monitoring your progress, you probably own a pedometer to measure distance, a MP3 music player to keep you motivated, […]

  • hazardousicon


    12 Year Old Girl Gets Skin Sores from Playing Too Much Playstation

    Gaming is hazardous to your health it seems – no, this is not another complaint from Jack Thompson, this time it’s comes from the British Journal of Dermatology. ‘Playstation Palmar hidradenitis’ is a new disease dubbed by researchers after a 12 year old girl came into a Swiss hospital complaining about painful sores in the […]

  • ressmall


    Hands on with Resident Evil 5

    We got a chance to spend a little time yesterday with the latest installment of Resident Evil 5 from Capcom. Many will assume its the same thing all over again. Just another polished up release that features better graphics and more zombies to kill. However you would be wrong. Yes the basics are all there, […]

  • beatsinear

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    Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones Review

    After the highly successful release of Monster’s Beats by Dr. Dre, it seemed the writing was on the wall for a pair of earbuds to be released soon. Well just as expected, Monster did just that and released in conjunction with Dr. Dre again, a pair of earphones called Beats Tour high resolution in-ear headphones. […]