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    iPhone Shaped USB Mini Air Conditioner is Ready for Summer

    June is just around the corner and that means that the heat is coming! When it comes to combatting the heat, USB Fans are a dime a dozen nowadays, but here is one that was designed with Apple fans in mind. The iPhone Shaped USB Mini Air Conditioner Cooling Fan is designed to resemble an […]

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    Winter is Coming, So Grab a USB Animal Warm Cushion

    The cold of winter is coming, and as much as we would like them to be, blankets usually aren’t the answer when we’re bound to the computer. The logistics are too hard, what with the constant hand and arm moving and the blanket always slipping off the upper part of your body.

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    Philips HeatProtect Laptop Sleeve Review

    It’s not so uncommon to risk second-degree laptop burns just to browse the web for a little bit longer. We’ve all been there. Philips’ 2-in-1 HeatProtect Laptop Sleeve is a protective case to tote your laptop and also a three-layer cooling lap desk which will keep your thighs nice and burn-free. It even sports a […]