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    25 More Hello Kitty Products That You Absolutely Don’t Need

    When Hello Kitty turned 40 in 2014, we saw a whole slew of adorable products that just so happened to be absolutely ridiculous. You might not be surprised to learn that in the last two years, the licensing machine hasn’t slowed down. Here are 25 more awesome Hello Kitty products you absolutely don’t need. Hello Kitty Edible […]

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    Hello Kitty and My Melody Costumes are Coming to Mario Maker

    Mario Maker is one of the best games on the Wii U, and we acknowledge that that is both commentary on how rad Mario Maker is and how few standout games the Wii U has. But, even if the Wii U catalog was the greatest ever, the newest addition to the custom level creator would launch the […]

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    Is China The New Frontier in Tech? IFA Is Betting On It

    Every year, the IFA trade show in Berlin is the biggest Consumer electronics show in Europe — one that rivals CES in sheer size and attendees. Now the folks over at Messe Berlin are hoping to relocate some of that success to the Asian market. This week, they launched the first ever CE China in Shenzhen. With […]

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    Hello Kitty Creepers Shoes Are A Fad Overload

    It looks like the creeper comeback tour has finally hit cruising altitude — the suddenly popular shoes have finally gotten the vaunted Hello Kitty treatment. Getting Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to bump your kicks will do wonders, sure, but you haven’t really arrived until you get good with Sanrio’s star. Looks like Sanrio has given […]

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    Doraemon and Hello Kitty Team Up For Super Cute Merch

    The stars have aligned — better prepare for a cute overload now that Doraemon and Hello Kitty have finally teamed up. The two companies behind the massively popular Japanese cartoon characters agreed to license a crossover line of merchandise back in July, and now we’re finally getting a look at some of finished products. Besides […]

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    29 Awesome Back to School Accessories for Hello Kitty Fans

    As we’ve diligently documented, Hello Kitty is having herself a golden age. Her merchandise empire has seen nearly unprecedented expansion — great for us, because we can get that feline face on just about anything we want, and yes, that goes for back to school shopping. Granted, Hello Kitty has always had a top-notch back […]

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    Hello Kitty Diving Suit Is Crazy Expensive, Yet Priceless

    Here we thought we had found the hottest swimwear of 2015, and not a day later, we’ve already been proven wrong. In a world with a fully decked out Hello Kitty diving dry suit, what need is there for other swimwear? Bikini sellers might as well pack it in, too. Game’s over. The black full-body […]

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    Hello Kitty Robot Revolution Continues with Latest Chogokin Model

    They think they’re being sly about it, but we’re onto them — we’ve been keeping a diligent eye on the proliferation of Hello Kitty robots. Let’s not forget this mechanized war machine from last year, and we definitely haven’t forgotten about the humble progenitor, this Hello Kitty robot mop thing — it was the indignity […]

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    Hello Kitty Now Has Her Own Official Lip Balm

    Well, you’re going to need to throw some lip balm into your purse anyway, so you might as well make sure it’s cute. Sanrio and Softlips have gotten together to create a limited edition line of Hello Kitty lip balm, and it’s launching this summer. The Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care will get a Hello […]

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    Hello Kitty to Star in Feature Film in 2019

    Sanrio is looking to put Marvel to shame in the early hype department. News is getting out now that Sanrio is financing and producing a Hello Kitty feature film with a targeted release date of 2019. Calling it now — the Hello Kitty trailer will own Comic-Con 2018. Deadline reports that Sanrio is using their […]

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    Hello Kitty Gets Her Own Watch Face on Android Wear

    Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch operating system, has really racked up the custom watch faces over its relatively short existence. Now sitting at over 1,500 watch faces available on the Google Play store, Google is adding 17 new faces this week, including the Hello Kitty face we’ve been waiting for since pretty much the beginning. Watch […]

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    22 Amazing Hello Kitty Facts

    We like to think of ourselves as Hello Kitty experts around here—the mouthpiece that our feline friend needs. But, she’s full of surprises, that one. We’ve had our understanding of Hello Kitty rocked during her career Renaissance of the past few years, and now we’re ready to package up all those knowledge bombs in list […]

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    Move Over Hello Kitty, Sanrio’s Gudetama the Lazy Egg is Here

    Someone needs to buy everyone over at Sanrio a sandwich, because it seems like they can’t stop thinking about food these days. After introducing Kimiri the salmon fillet last year, Sanrio is serving up yet another new culinary character—Gudetama the lazy egg. Gudetama is some sort of weird trinity being of egg yolk, white and […]