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    Even Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un Likes Hello Kitty

    Who could possibly open up North Korea to outside culture? Who could convince the Kim dynasty to officially sanction the appearance of anything related to mainstream capitalist enterprise? Who, in 2015, could succeed where even Dennis Rodman had failed? Oh, I think you know. Proving that there really is no corner of the world she […]

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    Hello Kitty Gets Her Very Own Live Show on the West End

    Hello Kitty’s road to superstardom is about to run through London in a big way—she’s headed to the stage this October, when Hello Kitty Live – Fashion & Friends debuts on the West End. According to Broadway World, Sanrio is getting together with Live Nation, Zen Tiger Live and WME Entertainment to create the live […]

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    Finally, Someone Made Hello Kitty T-Shirts for Dudes

    That Hello Kitty is currently in her pop culture prime is unarguable. She’s got toys, cartoons, merchandise, cafes and airplanes, a collection unrivaled by any other popular figure, real or otherwise (the airplanes really put her over the top). But! Until now, she’s been limited to women by her marketing people. No longer—Hello Kitty is […]

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    British MP Really Wants You To Play Hello Kitty World

    Earlier this week, British MP Douglas Carswell did something completely reasonable, and for some reason he’s getting mercilessly mocked for it. All he did was tweet out a generous open invitation to play Hello Kitty World with him. Now he’s being made fun of, and I’m not sure I’m down with that. I’m not down […]

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    Get Ready Orange County! Hello Kitty Cafe is Coming Next Summer

    The continent of North America will no longer be grievously bereft of a Hello Kitty Cafe. Next summer, our side of the world’s first Hello Kitty Cafe will open in Orange County, California, complete with adorably delicious baked goods that you’ll feel twice as guilty for eating. The Hello Kitty Cafe’s angelic herald, the Hello […]

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    Hello Kitty Science in Wonderland

    Hello Kitty has fans spanning the globe, and now she’s making waves in her home country again. This time, it’s all about the science. Yes, you read that correctly. With a cosplay twist of course. Nasu Highland Park, Japan, has just opened a Hello Kitty Science in Wonderland exhibition designed to encourage young people to […]

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    Hello Kitty Gets her Own Beats Headphones

    If this is what happens for Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, we can only imagine what’s going to happen when she turns 50. We’ve seen nothing short of a hostile takeover of pop culture this year, with Hello Kitty’s face in so many places we might as well start calling her Big Sister. And now, even […]

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    Hello Kitty Gets a Teddy Bear From Steiff for Her 40th Birthday

    It’s been a big year for Hello Kitty, with tons of events and new merch to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our favorite cat(?). The festivities continue with this new Steiff x Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Teddy. A Steiff Hello Kitty teddy is a big deal. Why? You might recognize Steiff as the very creators […]

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    Hello Kitty iPhone 5s Case Feels Like Home

    Go in hard with the Hello Kitty with your next iPhone case. This bright case dispenses with Hello Kitty’s recent turn to fashion, opting for a classic, vintage Kitty look that longtime fans can appreciate. The Charmer case fits both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S, and features Hello Kitty pensively looking out of […]

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    Hello Kitty Toilet Sound Blocker is as Bad as it Sounds

    On the grand one-to-ten scale of embarrassing things, doing your business in the bathroom really shouldn’t be any more than a three. As that classic hallmark of Japanese, and now world, literature reminds us, everyone poops. And yet, when we close that door and begin our preparations, and we know people are within earshot, the […]

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    40 Amazing and Ridiculous Hello Kitty Products

    It’s Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary, so what better way to celebrate, than to call out some of our favorite ludicrous pieces of merchandising and odes to Hello Kitty. To that effect, we have gone ahead and chosen forty of Hello Kitty’s craziest official and unofficial merch – one for each year! Hit the comments if we […]

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    Terminator Has Nothing on the Hello Kitty Robot

    Well, this is just a model version of Hello Kitty as a robot, but it’s really a matter of time before they create a working one, and that’s when the era of Hello Kitty Skynet will be upon us. Look into those glowing eyes, and know that resistance is futile. Just so you know what […]

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    6 Ways to Dress Geeky in Snowmageddon

    The Polar Vortex has come and gone, but this winter still has plenty of life (or anti-life) left in it. Snows are still falling, sometimes in places where they shouldn’t be, and it’s anyone’s guess when they’re going to let up. The take-home message is that you still have time to buy winter gear, and […]

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    Japan LA Hello Kitty Dresses Make You Look Like Catnip

    This doesn’t really count for Halloween, but I know some of you are going to cop out and wear these to costume parties anyway, so here you go. Stretchy Hello Kitty dresses will get the job done, but in your heart, you’ll know you really should have worn fake whiskers, a red bow, and white […]

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    Hello Kitty LED TV Goes Peekaboo, Doubles as Monitor

      Smart TVs? Who needs ’em? We’ve progressed past that point. We’re on to Hello Kitty TVs – the future is now. Yes, Hello Kitty has her own new television set. It’s more or less your standard flat-panel LCD monitor, just with Hello Kitty’s face watching you as you watch TV. Not that she’s judging you, […]