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    Luke, Celebrate the Last Night of HANUKKAH with Droidel

    Tonight isn’t just December 27th, but it’s also the last night of Hanukkah – AKA, the 8th night. But before those last candles burn out, it’s not too late to play dreidel. And if you’re a jewish geek like me, you’re really going to want to check out the Hanukkah Droidel which is inspired by […]

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    Latest Survey Shows People Choose Tech Over Family

    Your family or your gadget? Well, according to a new Intel survey conducted by Kelton Research, the majority of people surveyed would rather spend more time with their tech toys, rather than spend time with their loved ones.  Even comfort food doesn’t outweigh the devotion people have given to their gadgets. It appears that almost […]

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    Create and Send Someone a Tacky Holiday Sweater Through E-mail

    When the the holidays roll around there is always two things you can expect. Fruit cake and someone wearing festive holiday clothing. We Love Holiday Sweaters We Hate Sheep is a site solely dedicated to letting you create tacky holiday sweaters online. Know someone who would appreciate a festive sweater vest – go ahead and […]

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    Baby-G’s Hot New Fall Line-up

    Baby-G gave us a special preview of some of their hot new upcoming  for the Fall and Holidays season. For those of you not familiar with Baby G, Baby G is the “sister” watch to Casio’s G-Shock . You know, those tough as hell watches that you can drop a few stories on to the […]