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    Samsung’s T9000 Fridge Terminates Humidity, Adds Space

    Samsung’s T9000 may sound like Sarah Connor’s worst nightmare but actually it is quite a lovely family friendly fridge. It has 4 doors! The lower right quadrant can be used how you choose, as freezer or refrigerator. It would make a great kids-only easy to reach section, or even better, mom only ice cream section.  […]

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    SWITCH Lighting has the Coolest LED Bulbs

    Switch Lighting brightens up CES 2012 as it presents  a one of a kind, family of four, LED light bulbs. Coming in 40, 60, 75 and 100 watt-equivalents, these bulbs are not only pretty in design but offer a very unique liquid cooling function. They can last 25 times longer than antiquated and often illegal […]