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    Here’s A New Type of ‘Hoverboard,’ Maybe This One Won’t Explode

    Wheeled ‘hoverboards’ have gotten a bad rap in the last few months, partly because a lot of them exploded and partly because they should not be called hoverboards. While this new hoverboard still commits one of those sins (and will still catch the unwanted gaze of the NYPD), at least we can hope for fewer […]

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    ArcaBoard Is A Hoverboard That Can Actually Fly

    That anyone was allowed to call something with wheels a hoverboard is but one minor mark of shame out of many left on the year that was, but against all odds, it’s something that has been put to rights in the eleventh hour. Arca Space Corporation has created the ArcaBoard, an actual hoverboard that is […]

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    Tony Hawk Makes Like Marty McFly and Rides a Hoverboard

    Even legends have to scale the learning curve. The Hendo Hoverboard, which is a real hoverboard, heroically delivered by Arx Pax just before the 2015 deadline mandated by Marty McFly, gave skateboarding pioneer Tony Hawk some trouble at first, but he got the hang of it enough to do some 360s and probably establish himself […]