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    How to Be Your Own (Free) IT Support

    This post is sponsored by the new Canon imageCLASS MF800 Series color printers, designed to help you get through IT. With features like a remote user interface (for control) and a 3.5” color LCD touch screen (for efficiency), imageCLASS printers give your office the type of reliable output and efficiency you demand from your printer […]

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    Moaxis Lets You Send and Receive Text Messages on your PC or Mac

    Don’t want to always have to check notifications on your phone? Moaxis will let you see them on pretty much anything connected to the Internet. Moaxis is an app/service that takes notifications from your phone and syncs them with Moaxis host software running on any number of platforms. That’s not just limited to PCs, Macs, […]

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    How to Run Windows 8 Metro Apps on the Desktop

    A common complaint about Windows 8 is that the modern, tiled UI and the new Metro-style apps aren’t well-suited to desktop computing, because they run full-screen. The solution was simple – just don’t use them, and stick to desktop mode. But! You know, some of those Windows 8 apps are actually pretty useful. Wouldn’t it […]

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    3 Simple Email Organization Tips to Keep your Inbox SANE

    In there’s-a-week-for-everything news today, it’s National Clean Out Your Inbox Week. And yes, this is an actual sanctioned “week,” not something someone just made up. The issue of email overload deserves all the fuss, because the average person gets around 10,000 emails a year. Sifting, sorting, and managing all that cyber clutter takes up tons […]

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    How to Set Up Your Windows 8 Device with Outlook.com

    So you just got a new shiny Windows 8 device for the holidays, and you’re setting it up for the first time? Your device will prompt you to sign in with an email account. We recommend using a free Outlook.com account to sign in. Here’s why. 1. An @outlook.com account works best with the Windows […]

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    Install Dropbox Remotely on Someone’s PC with Soluto

    Are you the go-to tech support person in your family? You know, the guy or girl that everyone calls when their computer is on the fritz? If so, then it’s worth checking out Soluto, a free service that lets you remotely log in to someone else’s PC, and it helps you troubleshoot what is happening […]

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    How to Fix Photoshop CS5 Mac from Crashing

    Ever since having installed Photoshop CS5 on my iMac running Snow Leopard 10.6.4, I have been super frustrated because of its constant crashes which have made the software virtually unusable. While CS5 works fine on my MacBook Pro, every time I would try and use the Type Tool on my iMac, the whole application would […]