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    Will Gary Oldman’s Pensive Stares Lure You To the HTC One M8?

    It’s been well-documented that HTC’s woes in the smartphone market have been more due to poor marketing than having subpar products. That’s a bummer – Apple and Samsung just have more in their war chest to fuel massive marketing blitzes, and honestly, has any company ever been better at marketing than Apple? It takes being […]

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    Incipio DualPro Shines Bright on the HTC One

    With the New HTC One sporting an aluminum body, not too many people have been lamenting a lack of style. So, it’s nice to see a case in the Incipio DualPro Shine that doesn’t cramp that style, adding some style points of its own along with some excellent protection. The DualPro Shine‘s outer layer features […]

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    AT&T Has the Best Day Ever, Announces Lots of Exclusives

    AT&T certainly is having the best day ever! The company has announced a slew of hot new smartphones, tablets and other devices, many of which are exclusives. Samsung The Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is one of the first connected cameras running on Android, is set to debut on AT&T and will have support for AT&T’s […]