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    eGlide Steal is a 7″ Cheapo Android 4.0 Tablet for $119!

    Have you been lusting after a new Android 4.0 powered tablet, but you’re on a budget? Then check out the new eGlide Steal. This 7″ tablet packs in Ice Cream Sandwich for just $119! It doesn’t skimp too much on features either. Under the hood you get a 1GHz processor with a dedicated GPU, and […]

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    HTC One X for AT&T Review (4G LTE)

    The HTC One X was one of the most talked about announcements that came out of MWC back in February. And fortunately, we haven’t had to wait too long for it to show up state-side. The HTC One X has landed at AT&T, and it’s packing in support for LTE’s new high speed network to […]

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    HTC One Smartphone Series Touts Sense 4.0, Amazing Camera

    Looking back at last year, HTC found their smartphone offerings to be a little too diffuse and confusing (which, to be fair, describes just about every smartphone producer not named Apple). To fix that, HTC is rolling out the One line of smartphones for 2012. Aptly named, it will be the one line of HTC […]

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    Acer Iconia Tabs Get Android 4.0 update

    While other manufactures have been busy telling us that Android 4.0 updates are on the way, Acer has beat everyone to the punch. The company has just announced that they are now updating their Acer Iconia Tab line of tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich. The update is currently being pushed over the air to the […]

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    Lenovo K91 Smart TV Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

    With the Lenovo K91 Smart TV, Lenovo marks its first entry into unexplored territory. But the K91 Smart TV isn’t just a smart TV, but it’s also one of the first Smart TVs to come running Android 4.0. This powerful TV features natural voice control, facial recognition with a child lock, console quality level gaming, […]

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    Quad-Core Acer Iconia TAB Will Pack in 1080P Display (Photos)

    Acer’s press conference at CES was all about their latest laptops, including their new Acer Aspire S5 ultrabook. But at the end they threw out a little teaser for their next generation of tablets. It turns out that their next gen of the Acer Iconia TAB will pack in a quad-core processor via NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 […]

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    Coby Electronics Announces 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablets

    While other tablet manufacturers are scrambling to push out their first Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) products, an unlikely company has beat them to the punch. Coby Electronics, a budget electronics manufacturer, has just announced a collection of tablets all running Android 4.0. This Android 4.0 line-up includes the the 7″ MID7042, the 8″ MID8042 […]