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    iLuv Announces the First Ever Kindle Audio Dock

    An audio dock probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you consider Kindle accessories, but if you want one, iLuv will be selling one. The iMM375 MobiDock is designed for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch specifically, though it will work with any device that accepts a 3.5 mm connection. Robotic arms on […]

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    i-Luv iMM190 App Station Review

    Gone are the days of boring old boxy looking alarm clocks that sit on our night stands waiting to annoy us in the morning. First iPod alarm clocks became popular, now iPod alarm clocks with apps are the new hot alarm clock to have. Yep, apps have become the new LCD for alarm clocks. The […]

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    iLuv i1166 Review, the Anti iPad

    Let’s take a breather from all the iPad reviews, accessories, etc… and talk about a product that may not have all the bells and whistles of the iPad but it is also a pretty good multimedia unit for on the go, and especially for those long roadtrips with the kids.  The iLuv i1166 is a […]