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    Intel Buys Autonomous Car Sensor Specialist Mobileye for $15.3 Billion

    Big news in the autonomous car world last week, as Intel acquired Mobileye, a company known for its autonomous car sensors, for $15.3 billion. The agreement allows Intel to move closer toward a comprehensive autonomous car platform, something we first started hearing about at CES. In hindsight, the acquisition shouldn’t have come as a surprise. […]

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    Intel and Tag Heuer Team Up for a Fancy New Modular Smartwatch

    Android Wear 2.0 has finally arrived, and with it, we’re starting to see a slow trickle of updated smartwatches. With smartwatches maybe not doing so hot, the lack of enthusiasm might not be too surprising. But, Intel’s enthusiasm hasn’t waned, and neither has Tag Heuer’s — the latter is updating their Tag Heuer Connected watch with […]

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    San Diego is Investing $30 Million to Become a Smart City

    We’ve been talking a bit about 5G networks lately, especially about how 5G isn’t just about increased network speeds. The new bands being put in use will support the billions of new devices that need to be connected to data networks, particularly cars, drones, and smart home devices. But, to get things like self-driving cars […]

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    Here’s How Intel Plans to Make Retail Stores Smarter

    Contrary to popular belief, retail stores aren’t dead. While online shopping has cut into stores’ bottom lines over the decades, there’s still value in making the trip — whether you want to try clothes on for fit or learn more about an item before purchasing it, there are still some things that can’t be done as […]

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    Huawei MateBook Review

    When Huawei first announced the MateBook back at MWC, it took us by surprise. Huawei has risen to become the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but no one was expecting them to announce that they are going to start making PCs, too. Huawei is finally releasing the hybrid MateBook in the U.S., but […]

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    Drones Are About To Get A Lot More Useful With LTE

    Right now, most drones we see are souped-up remote control helicopters, ranging from kids’ toys to high-powered hobbyist flyers. But, they could be a whole lot more. The biggest obstacle to maximizing drones’ potential is LTE connectivity, which is a little trickier than connecting devices on the ground. Intel and AT&T were at Mobile World […]

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    Intel is Helping to Usher in the Age of 5G

    Back when the 4G network standard was in its infancy, Intel ended up backing the wrong horse in WiMax connectivity. It was a heavy investment and a rare miss for the tech giant, as 4G LTE came to dominate the world of data networks. One can imagine that someone, somewhere at Intel said “never again.” […]

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    Intel Debuts EMOJI Wearables at Fashion Week

    Ever since Intel unveiled their tiny Curie module in January of 2015, they’ve become something of a mainstay at fashion shows around the world. After an impressive showing at New York Fashion Week in September of last year, Intel returned with Curie and some now-established fashion partners for the February edition of New York Fashion […]

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    HP’s Sprout Pro Brings 3D Scanning To The Classroom

    The original HP Sprout was a very different kind of all-in-one PC, thanks to an Intel RealSense camera and a built-in illuminator that could take 2D — and later 3D — scans of physical objects. That first model was aimed at enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs looking to quickly make models and tinker with prototypes, which […]