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    Intel Expands Smartphone Presence, Talks New Partnerships

    At MWC in Barcelona, Intel has announced a slew of new partnerships that will expand their smartphone presence around the world. For starters, Orange plans on releasing an Intel phone in the U.K. and France, during summertime. In India, Lava has plans to release the XOLO X900 along with Lava in India, in the second […]

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    Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer to Test Performance on Android Phones

    At MWC, Intel is busy showing off their updated version of their Graphics Performance Analyzer tools which was previously only available for testing application and gaming performance on PCs. Intel has updated the software and is prepping to release a version that will allow Android developers to utilize it when developing graphics intensive apps made […]

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    Check Out the Dell XPS 13 at Create.Work.Inspire. with Intel

    This Thursday Dell and Intel head back to New York City for their third Create.Work.Inspire event. This time the XPS 13 Ultrabook takes center stage as a key player in the creation of a music video for Japanese rock band, The Suzan. We’ll be on hand and behind the scenes, watching as the Create.Work.Inspire uses the […]

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    Lenovo K800 is an Intel Powered Android, the First of Many

    It looks as though Intel and Motorola Mobility have begun what looks like a beautiful friendship with a multi-year and multi-device partnership starting with the Lenovo K800. It is a smartphone based on Intel technology while running on the Android platform. It will be available in the second quarter of this year in China. This […]

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    Durabook R13C Convertible Notebook Will Survive Any Mission: Impossible

    Most people wouldn’t list Military Standard certifications for durability as an important feature when shopping for laptops, but then again, the Durabook R13C Convertible Notebook isn’t for most people. This nigh-indestructible laptop can be converted into a tablet on the fly, and will stand up to virtually any punishment anyone can dish out.

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    Intel and Vice Bring the Creators Project Back to New York

    Arts, Music, and Technology — what more could we want? The Creators Project  is “a global network dedicated to the celebration of creativity, culture and technology.” The Multi-Day exhibition has been making its way around the world for over a year already. We had the pleasure of checking it out this weekend in New York […]

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    Here’s What Inspired Intel to Develop the Ultrabook

    Just in time for the holiday season, Ultrabooks are finally starting to make their way onto store shelves. These svelte laptops already look like they have the potential to become as popular as netbooks did a few years back. We’ve seen several manufactures, from Lenovo u300S and Acer Aspire S3 strut their first Ultrabook models, […]

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    Toshiba Announces Europe’s First All-in-One Computer

    Toshiba UK was busy at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin today. One of the many headline-making announcements was Europe’s first all-in-one computer – a computer that houses the CPU and the monitor in the same shell. The Toshiba Qosimo DX730 is space-saving, but it has the specs to make it a worthwhile addition […]

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    Latest Survey Shows People Choose Tech Over Family

    Your family or your gadget? Well, according to a new Intel survey conducted by Kelton Research, the majority of people surveyed would rather spend more time with their tech toys, rather than spend time with their loved ones.  Even comfort food doesn’t outweigh the devotion people have given to their gadgets. It appears that almost […]

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    Sony Releases Colorful E and C Laptop Series

    Sony has two new series of laptops coming out, and both are quite lovely. In particular, we’re super fond of the new C series. The C series is available in two bold colors – neon red or thunder blue. Not only do these colors pop, but you’ll love their complimenting backlit keyboard. You also get […]

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    Apple to Dump Intel Processors From their Laptops

    According to online news outlet, SemiAccurate,   Apple is about to dump Intel’s processors from their laptop line, and possibly even their desktop line too. SemiAccurate has been told that this change won’t happen very soon, but that this is still a sure thing. 

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    7 Gadgets That Are Straight Out of Intel’s Tech Heaven

    Intel isn’t just a company concerned about making computer processors. They’re also heavily invested in technology for tomorrow. In 2010 alone they invested $6.6 billion dollars into research and development that focused on technologies for the car, home, health, and retail space. Here are glimpses into the future of the connected experience in these spaces, […]

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    Are We Raising the Touch Generation? Intel Thinks So

    There was the Hippie Generation, the Me Generation, Generation X, and now the Touch Generation?! According to a recent article posted on Intel’s Free Press site, we could be raising the next generation of touch savvy or “digital native” tots that could undoubtedly be called the “Touch Generation.”