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    Intel AppUp Center Beta is an App Store for Netbooks

    Intel has just released a public beta of their netbook App Store, Intel AppUp. The apps available on AppUp are all optimized for netbooks. AppUp is loaded with a variety of free and paid applications. While it is positioned for netbooks, the apps seem to work on any PC (but resolution might not be optimized). […]

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    Intel Unveils Radical New Design for New Core Processors

    At CES in a few weeks Intel will be releasing new Core Processors. But Intel releases newer and faster processors all the time, right? However, this upcoming release is going to especially be good news for consumers. These new Core i3, i5, and i7 processors sport an improved architecture that moves the integrated graphics onto […]

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    Intel and AMD Make Peace Not War, For Now

    Last week, Intel, the microprocessor manufacturer fell under fire for possibly violating monopoly laws and subsequently announced that it would settle with long-time rival AMD by paying them $1.25 billion dollars. The legal battle stems from Intel’s business practice of paying for consumer rebates on computer purchases in exchange for the computer company’s use of […]

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    Intel’s Legal Woes: Justice or Witch Hunt?

    It was announced mid last week that Microprocessor giant Intel was being sued by New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for violating United States antitrust laws. Intel is accused of coercing computer manufacturers such as Dell and HP into purchasing Intel microprocessor chips in exchange for payment. Rather than paying the companies directly, Intel offered […]

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    Looking Ahead to Windows 7

    This week I met with Intel and Microsoft to discuss the upcoming Windows 7 launch. I’ve been testing out the latest release candidate for sometime now, and have been very impressed. Certainly, the new UI changes are spiffy, but what has impressed me most is how fast and responsive the OS feels – more so […]

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    Exclusive Interview with Intel’s CIO, Diane Bryant

    Diane Bryant is the CIO at Intel where her career has spanned over 20 years. Diane joined Intel fresh out of U.C. Davis in 1985, after having received her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Diane holds four U.S. patents, and some of her many contributions at Intel include her involvement in the development of Mobile […]

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    Hands on with the Projects at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2009

    Every year the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) sponsored by Intel, celebrates the ideas and inventions of the some of the brightest young minds on the planet. This year ISEF took place in Reno, Nevada, and lucky for us who always have gadgets and technology on our minds, there were plenty of inspiring techie […]