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    Another Year, Another Intivation-Powered Solar Phone

    Just like last year, Intivation has partnered up with a mobile phone maker to create a solar-powered phone to show off at MWC. Like the Umeox Apollo of MWC 2011, the Gionee W1512 Solar is infused with Intivation’s SunBoost 3 SmartCell technology, which promises good performance even in unfavorable conditions.

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    A-Solar’s Power Dock for the iPad Harnesses the Power of the Sun

    Over the past year, you might have heard about the solar technology that Intivation has been creating for various solar-powered products. At last year’s Mobile World Congress, they partnered with Umeox to create the Apollo, a solar-powered Android phone. At this year’s MWC, Intivation has teamed up with A-Solar to create a docking station for […]

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    Intivation and Umeox Harness the Power of the Sun, Create Solar-Powered Android Phone

    One trend continuing at MWC 2011, and hopefully beyond, is eco-friendly green tech, and there might not be a better example of it this year than Umeox’s Apollo Solar Android touch phone. It uses Intivation’s new Sunboost3 solar technology, a more efficient and practical product than previous iterations. Intivation isn’t new to the solar game, […]