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    PingTune is like Snapchat for Music Fiends

    It’s hard to make comparisons – they usually break down after a while. But, as far as comparisons go, this one works pretty well – PingTune is pretty much Snapchat for music, and that’s a pretty great thing for people who like to share new music with their friends. With PingTune, you can send songs […]

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    News Republic App Figures Out What You Want to Read

    News Republic, a popular mobile app for reading news stories, just got smarter. Their latest update brings several new features which are designed to offer a more sophisticated and personalized experience for the user, the likes of which no other mobile news app currently has to offer. That is because the app is able to […]

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    BBM App Finally Availabe on iOS and Android

    Since there are ever fewer people using BBM on actual BlackBerry phones, it’s high time for people to start using the messaging service on the new phones they dumped their BlackBerries for. In a move (which has been in the works for some time) that should please many who jumped the S.S. BlackBerry for ships […]

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    Apps of the Week: Star Trek Into Darkness, Album Share and More

    Album Share for iPhone Album Share is a useful little app when used in just the right situations. It’s not an overly complicated one, either – you take a bunch of photos, stuff them in an album, and share it. As the name probably already told you, the app specializes in that last part. Once […]

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    String Wars Puts Guitar Hero to Shame

    Some of you have been there. You finally five starred Through the Fire and the Flames on expert on Guitar Hero, one of the great video game achievements of the early 21st century. You were proud, and had every right to be. Then, that friend spoke up. “What are you doing? This game is stupid. […]

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    Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Drive for iOS and Android Review

    Last year we reviewed Seagate’s Satellite Wireless Hard Drive and were impressed; this year we’re reviewing Seagate’s Wireless Plus, the 1TB big brother, and we’re blown away. The Wireless Plus gives you an incredible amount of storage in a handheld device that can wirelessly stream and transfer content to your phone, tablet, and other devices. […]

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    What’s New in iOS 6 – WWDC Wrap-Up

    Aside from the new MacBook Pro line, the next generation MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air refresh, the big news coming out of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday was iOS 6, an update to Apple’s mobile operating system that will be coming sometime this fall. Plenty of new features will be heading […]

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    T-Mobile Takes on iMessage with Bobsled Messaging

    It looks like T-Mobile wants to get in on all the iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger, and WhatsApp action, because at CES they are busy showing off their new cross platform messaging and calling application called Bobsled. The app which works on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone via a web browser and Facebook, allows users to message […]

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    Float On Your Own Cloud With Pogoplug Mobile

    Today, at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin, Pogoplug announced its latest gadget geared towards mobile cloud streaming. The Pogoplug Mobile device will sit at home and stream your media to your mobile devices while you’re on the go. In that sense, it’s like your own personal cloud server, meaning you can access and […]