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    Panda Case Makes Us Want to Hug Our iPad 2

    At this point there is an overload of iPad 2 and iPhone 4 cases on the market. The choices are almost overwhelming. But today we present to you what might possibly be the most adorable iPad 2 and iPhone 4G case ever. Yes, this case is sweeter than sweet, and would even put Hello Kitty’s […]

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    Seidio ACTIVE iPad 2 Case Review

    We’ve reviewed all sorts of iPad cases and Seidio’s Active Case for iPad 2 is one of the most unique. Maybe even the most practical, too. It’s appropriately named to appeal to those with an Active lifestyle, as the Active case offers great protection, minimal bulk, and even a built-in stand.

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    iLuv iSP10 is an iPad 2 Case with a Built-in Speaker

    iLuv may not be the first case manufacturer to do it, as we have already seen an iPad 2 case with a built-in speaker come out from iHome in the form of the rather bland iHome iDm71 case. However, iLuv is certainly offering up a more fun selection of iPad 2 cases with built-in speakers. […]

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    Disney Spotlight Brings Karaoke to the iPad 2

    Karaoke on the iPad seems like such a natural fit. So it’s a wonder why there hasn’t until now, been any serious accessories to come out for it.  Well that is about to change now that Disney is coming out with Disney Spotlight. Disney Spotlight is actually designed for kids, but it looks like it […]

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    The Best iPad 2 Case for Kids is from Disney

    More and more iPad cases have been coming out for kids. This makes sense of-course since the iPad user interface is so kid friendly, and because there are so many great iPad apps designed for kids out there. Just a few weeks ago we wrote about Speck’s iGuy Standing Cover, which we considered super adorable. […]

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    GumDrop Drop Series iPad 2 Case Review

    Here’s a fun iPad 2 case! The Drop Series iPad 2 case by GumDrop keeps your iPad 2 looking fresh with it’s uber comfortable and stylish protective casing. This is one of the most durable cases out there! The GumDrop Drop Series covers iPad head-to-toe including the screen and port covers. There are multiple layers […]

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    Kangaroo iPad 2 Case Should Have an iPhone 4 Pouch

    On this side of the planet, most of us imagine Kangaroos to be adorable, friendly little furry fellas. But that is far from the truth. Over in outback those Kangs sure pack a punch, and they’ll likely attack you if you try and cuddle them. Still, we’re not thrilled to see the world’s first iPad […]

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    Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal GPS Receiver Review – for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablets, Smartphones

    Not all of our shiny gadgets these days are blessed with a built-in GPS unit, which would be convenient considering they can run navigation apps. Dual Electronics solves this problem with their XGPS150 Bluetooth GPS Receiver. This device works for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as well as Android, Windows, or Blackberry Smartphones […]

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    Maroo iPad 2 Portfolio Case Review

    Maroo, a fairly new accessory company, has recently released a variety of fab and stylish iPad 2 cases. We have gotten our hands on a few of their Nylon Series Portfolio Cases, and not only are they super trendy-looking, but they’re practical, usable, and protective. Each case comes with a built-in dual-angle stand, protective bumpers, […]

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    Speck FitFolio Cover for iPad 2 – Case Review

    Amongst the slew of new iPad 2 Cases that Speck has come out with, the FitFolio Cover immediately caught our attention. For starters it’s available in a bright red color, aside from the usual black and grey. This case also manages to stay pretty slim while still providing plenty of protection for the front, back […]

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    Hard Candy Street Skin Case for iPad 2 Review

    Hard Candy’s Street Skin Case for iPad 2 is certainly one of the most ‘interesting’ cases we’ve seen thus far. The portfolio style case is made of a 3mm thick translucent shock absorbing TPU rubber. The pattern on the case looks like it either A) got run over by a miniature trick, B) it was […]

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    Mivizu Sense iPad 2 Case Review

    Mivizu has recently launched their line of iPad 2 Portfolio Cases, the Mivizu Sense. The leather portfolio case is a great every-day iPad case as it offers great protection, a multi-angle stand, a very comfortable grip, and an attractive business casual appearance in five different colors.

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    Belkin Slim Folio Stand for iPad 2 Review

    The Belkin Slim Folio Stand for iPad 2 is a designed to be a thin, lightweight and professional looking case for the iPad 2, that doesn’t add much bulk to your thin beauty. The case indeed hugs the iPad 2 and provides a tight fit.The case is made with a soft inner lining that keeps […]