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    iPad 2 Gets the ColorWare Treatment

    Is there any Apple product safe from ColorWare’s clutches? No. That said, the latest ColorWare victim is the iPad 2. That includes all the iPad 2 models, including the WiFi only iPad 2, and the 3G iPads for AT&T and Verizon. You can customize the color on the iPad 2 for everything from its body, […]

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    TimeCommand Speaker Alarm Clock (for iPad & iPhone) Review

    Stem’s TimeCommand might just be the ultimate techy addition to your nightstand. It’s not your standard speaker alarm clock, it integrates with your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to enable a lot of functionality. You can even have it wake you up by turning your lamp on and playing your favorite music.

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    KillSpencer iPad 2 Carrying Case is Really Just a Man Bag

    KillSpencer’s iPad 2 Case tries its best to be a fancy shmancy Leather Carrying case. But at the end of the day, it can best be described as a man bag! The case is designed with premium leather, lined with a soft material covered in neoprene, and it comes comes equipped with RIRI Aquazip Waterproof […]

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    Griffin Elan Folio Slim for iPad 2 Review

    The Griffin Elan Folio case was my go-to case for iPad 1. So I was very pleased to see that they redesigned the Elan and even slimmed it down for iPad 2. The Griffin Elan Folio Slim for iPad 2 is an elegant every day portfolio case which props up iPad at the two essential […]

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    Menotek Debuts Snazzy iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

    It had to happen. The bluetooth keyboard cases have arrived for the iPad 2. This one is on behalf of Menotek, and is not only iPad 2 compatible but also pretty snazzy looking. That is because, when it’s closed, it resembles a leather bound netbook.  The back of the case even has a metal stand […]

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    Philips iPad 2 Sleeve Case and Slim Folder Case Review

    Philips is among the first companies to begin producing iPad 2 cases. They recently sent us over two cases to review, the Sleeve Case and the Slim Folder Case. Both cases are made of durable black woven textile exterior, a middle layer made of preformed EVA foam with air cells to add cushion, and a […]

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    Target Offers Trade-In Service Towards Nintendo 3DS & iPad 2

    You would be silly not to try listing your old first generation iPad on Craigslist or eBay first, where you’d likely get more value for it. But if you’re content with getting some fast and easy cash value towards your new iPad 2 purchase, then Target is offering up the following values (listed below) for […]

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    Time Warner Cable’s TWCable TV for iPad App Review

    Time Warner’s TWCable TV for iPad, is an app that although released just a few days ago, it has generated a lot of buzz. That is because this app lets Time Warner Cable customers stream live TV channels onto their iPad via WiFi for free, essential transforming your iPad into a portable TV.

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    iPad 2 Launch Gets Delayed in Japan

    Unfortunately, this will hardly come as a surprise to Apple fans, but Apple has delayed the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan. Initially, the Japanese launch was set for March 25th, but in the wake of Japan’s recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the following tsunamis, Apple has decide to reschedule.

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    iPad 2 Smart Cover Review

    When Apple announced the iPad 2, it wasn’t just the iPad’s new hardware that made a splash, but also Apple’s new iPad Smart Cover. One thing is for sure, there really is no case or accessory on the iPad or tablet market quite like the iPad Smart Cover. However, is it really worth getting one […]

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    Here’s Why There Are No iPad 2’s Left in Stock

    While standing in line waiting for the iPad 2 at the Apple flagship store in Manhattan yesterday,  my colleague and I made a keen observation. Amongst the crowd waiting on the seemingly never ending line that wrapped around to Madison avenue and back, there were a myriad of people who just didn’t seem to fit […]