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    Twelve South HoverBar for iPad Review

    iPads got a new wingman in town, and it’s HoverBar. HoverBar, by TwelveSouth, is a Tony Stark inspired 22 inch adjustable arm for your iPad. Mount your iPad to the back of your iMac, to a kitchen cabinet, to a desk, table, ledge…anything really! HoverBar is completely adjustable and still sturdy enough for all of […]

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    Rumor Has It – iPad 3 Coming in February with Retina Display

    There is a new Apple rumor going around, and this one will hardly surprise you. But according to CITI analyst, Richard Gardner, Apple’s plans for the next iPad include a device with a retina display. The analyst also predicts that the iPad 3 will be slated for a February release. This rumor is pretty much […]