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    Twelve South HoverBar for iPad Review

    iPads got a new wingman in town, and it’s HoverBar. HoverBar, by TwelveSouth, is a Tony Stark inspired 22 inch adjustable arm for your iPad. Mount your iPad to the back of your iMac, to a kitchen cabinet, to a desk, table, ledge…anything really! HoverBar is completely adjustable and still sturdy enough for all of […]

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    Rumor Has it – the iPad 3 is Debuting Tomorrow, a Rumor Roundup

    As tempting as it is to just call it the iPad 3, there’s a good chance that’s not what Apple’s new device, to be announced tomorrow, will be called. Rumors have been swirling around the new tablet, but, as the iPhone 4S launch taught us, rumors are called rumors for a reason.

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    Rumor Has It – iPad 3 Coming in February with Retina Display

    There is a new Apple rumor going around, and this one will hardly surprise you. But according to CITI analyst, Richard Gardner, Apple’s plans for the next iPad include a device with a retina display. The analyst also predicts that the iPad 3 will be slated for a February release. This rumor is pretty much […]