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    Rover AC13 WiFi Vehicle with Video! is Like an RC Spy Cam

    No this isn’t a new robotic vacuum cleaner. Instead, get ready to play with your iPod, iPhone or iPad even more this year. Brookstone is exclusively selling the just released Rover AC13 Wi-­‐Fi Vehicle with Video! Think of the Rover AC13 as the crazy love child of a spy cam and a robot.  You can […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Rip Off – it’s Angry Fruit Ninja Birds!

    At least developers Colorbox are playing it straight. Rip Off is exactly that – a marriage of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. After all, if you take two of the most popular gaming apps ever and mash them together, you can’t fail, right? Well, it’s not as fun or addicting as either of the two […]

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    Blank Label Review – Customize Your Man a Dress Shirt

    Custom dress shirts aren’t just for the wealthy fat cats, oh no. BlankLabel.com has made the process affordable and quite enjoyable! Using the web app or iPad app you can design your own men’s dress shirt from scratch, starting with the fabric. You’ll be surprised to see just how fashionable this customized men’s button-down can […]

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    iPad App of the Week: RemoteVU (Kind Of) Gives Your iPad Flash Support

    No, you won’t be checking out Flash content using your Safari browser, but you will be able to watch Flash content on your iPad, which is an absolute blessing for countless Apple fans. How? Pro Softnet’s RemoteVU app, available from the iTunes app store for $1.99, allows users to remotely access their Windows PCs through […]

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    iPad App of the Week: MyDog Is Your Four-Legged Friend’s Best Friend

    MyDog, available now from the iTunes App Store for free, is an unquestionable must for all the dog owners out there. You can keep an updated log on your buddy’s vitals, creating an easy place to access vaccination schedules, medical history, and owner and vet info, along with other basic physical statistics.

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    iPad App of the Week: Get Started with the iPad 2 with AppStart

    AppStart is a handy start-up guide for the iPad and the fresh-out-of-the-gate iPad 2. It can be a godsend for newcomers; outside of a few helpful beginner hints, the app provides essential app lists with the most highly recommended or useful apps in certain categories. There are several app lists, allowing you to tailor your […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Tag Your iPad with Graffiti Spraycan 2

    Get the spirit of urban life on your iPad with the Graffiti Spraycan 2 App for the iPad. The app is essentially a Paint-style app with a focus on graffiti art, giving you unique urban tools like drip paints and spray paints. It also has a wide range of artist fonts, stencils and backgrounds.

  • Strand Craft 166 Superyacht


    Need a Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea? How About a Superyacht?

    That’s right, a superyacht. When a mere yacht for your sweetheart just won’t do, the superyacht turns it up to a whole new level. So, if you’ve got a spare $50 million laying around just collecting dust, you can buy the love of your life the Strand Craft 166 superyacht, designed by the award-winning firm […]

  • Anti Sleep Pilot


    Stay Safe on the Road with the Anti Sleep Pilot App

    Now, more than ever, driving can be a more dangerous task than it should be. Everyone’s always mobile, on the road, and the one thing no one ever seems to get enough of is sleep. You should keep in mind, though, that 20% of all traffic accidents are related to driver fatigue. Also, here’s a […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Extra! Extra! Read All About It in The Daily

    The future of news is here, and it’s called The Daily, a new app for the iPad that launched this week. The Daily isn’t your standard news app, though; this is actually its own publication, with its own staff writers and editors, and it’s made specifically with tablets, particularly the iPad, in mind. The Daily […]

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    ABC’s My Generation iPad App Will Sync With Your TV

    I’m going to give ABC props – they really have taken the initiative when it comes to the iPad. Not only were they one of the first to launch an app for the iPad that streams full TV episodes, but now they are taking it a step further with the iPad App called My Generation […]