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    Freshen Up Your iPhone 5 with this Makeup Compact Case

    Oh, if only it wasn’t just a design. Someone needs to make this a reality, because surely there would be a market for an actual compact riding on the back of an iPhone case. The Makeup Compact iPhone 5 case does not, in fact, include a makeup compact, which would be the ideal on-the-go beauty […]

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    Spotify Sounds Even Better in this Retro Cassette Case

    All right! A new tape player, let me dig out my old Honky Chateau cassette. Man, I tell ya, old Elton John just never sounded better than when he was on the cassette – oh. Wait, this is a smartphone cover? Oh, alright. I guess I might have an old tape player buried under these […]

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    Kubxlab Ultra-Thin Wood Case for iPhone 5 Review

    We recently reviewed a $169 iPhone case that would make you laugh… no one would believe such a cheesy case could cost so much. Simultaneously, we were reviewing the Kubxlab Ultra-Thin Wood, a case that was quite the opposite experience. The Ultra-Thin has the look of an ultra-premium case for an ultra-affordable price tag. This […]

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    Tory Burch Readies for a Lobster Bake with Latest iPhone Case

    When you think of Summer, usually clam bakes and lobster bakes come to mind.  However, lobster’s might not be the first thing you associate with Tory Burch, but whatever works, right? The Lobster Silicone Case is ready to be your summer iPhone 5 accessory of choice. The claws reaching above the top sell it.

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    Griffin Designer Series iPhone Case Review

    Griffin’s Designer Series iPhone cases are hot off the press and limited in quantity. Griffin is featuring cases by 12 of their favorite artists and designers. While the physical case designs are all the same, every finish is unique, distinguished, and even printed locally. These limited edition shells are available for iPhone 4 and 5. […]

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    PowerSkin Pro Keeps Your iPhone Going and Going in Style

    Although the iPhone 5 is improved in battery life over its predecessor, a little help in extending battery life is always welcome. PowerSkin Pro does this with style. In their slimmest yet case, there is a double injection TPU bezel that is soft to the touch but durably hard plastic. It is available in 5 […]