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Looking for the perfect iPhone 5 case to protect your new phone? Check out our reviews below for all kinds of iPhone 5 cases, coming from manufacturers like Speck, Incipio, Belkin, iSkin, Incipio and more. We put the newest iPhone 5 cases to the test and highlight their best and worst qualities.

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    Case-Mate Clear rPet Transparent Case for iPhone 5 Review

    This was the predicament, and call me superficial if you must, but I want to show off my iPhone 5 in all its glory… also while protecting it. The unibody back and sides are among the coolest features, and I don’t want to hide them under the thick skin of a case, I want the […]

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    Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 Case Review

    iPhone 5 cases – Wooo!! As much as we’d love to rock our iPhone 5 and every aspect of its perfect crafstmanship, we know better than going out unprotected. The Incipio DualPro for iPhone 5 is one of the first cases available. It’s a perfect fit for iPhone 5, and this two-piece case is currently […]

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    Cygnett WorkMate iPhone 5 Case Review

    It’s slim pickings right now for iPhone 5 cases and most Apple stores aren’t even stocked yet. We were expecting our first batch of case reviews to be less-than-perfect, as it takes some time to get cases right. Surprisingly, Cygnett has already released a fully capable and protective iPhone 5 case with a really neat […]

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    Five iPhone 5 Cases You Need To Own

    The Internet was able to let out a long pent up sigh of relief today, as the iPhone 5 was finally announced after what can safely be called at least a year and a half of anticipation, dating back to before the iPhone 4S was announced. Now that there’s a new Apple phone soon to […]