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    Here’s Why The iPhone X Is Just The Best

    I’m not, historically speaking, one of the early adopters of the latest generation of iPhones to arrive. I usually lag behind, read reviews, and check out their latest from one of my friends that just had to have one as soon as it came out. I’m of the opinion that a lot of the iPhones […]

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    Is Apple Really Having That Much of a Problem With iPhone X Sales?

    The honest answer is no one knows — Apple hasn’t and probably won’t specify how many units of the iPhone X they’ve actually sold. But, reports have been flying that the number has been disappointing. Nikkei reported over the weekend that Apple has cut production targets from 40 million to 20 million, meaning Apple now thinks it will […]

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    6 Beautiful iPhone X Cases You Can Order Now

    The iPhone X is upon us, and as was heavily rumored, it’s not cheap. But, the phone being $1,000 (at least!) isn’t even the most pressing reason to go get a case for it! Now that Apple is adding wireless charging, they’re using glass on both the front and back of the iPhone. As the […]