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    iPhone App of the Week: The Facebook 5.0 App Gets a Speed Boost

    This week Facebook released the Facebook 5.0 for iOS update, hoping to improve on what has been a less-than-warmly received iPhone app. The new update promises that the app will be twice as fast when launching and during use. At the same time, the user interface has remained almost identical to the previous version, so […]

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    Electric Friends Are Coming to Make Your Music Listening Experience a Little More Adorable

    Apparently, Kitsound never got around to patenting cute animal speaker docks, because Electric Friends are now getting all into their business. Really far into their business, at that – the Electric Friends speakers feature animals in the exact same position as the Kitsound speakers. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were made […]

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    iPhone Shaped USB Mini Air Conditioner is Ready for Summer

    June is just around the corner and that means that the heat is coming! When it comes to combatting the heat, USB Fans are a dime a dozen nowadays, but here is one that was designed with Apple fans in mind. The iPhone Shaped USB Mini Air Conditioner Cooling Fan is designed to resemble an […]

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    Invoxia AudiOffice Turns the iPad Into a Business Phone

    Invoxia impressed many at CES this year with their Smart Office Phone, a desktop phone that works as a dock of sorts for the iPhone. That product won an award for Best of Innovations in Portable Home Electronics at CES 2012, but the AudiOffice, just announced today at Mobile World Congress, appears poised to surpass […]

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    Apps Against Abuse Winners Set for Release Soon

    Last summer, the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services posed a challenge to app developers across the nation – to create an app designed to help prevent domestic and sexual violence against women. The winners of the Apps Against Abuse challenge were announced last November, and, after further development to be […]

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    Speck CandyShell Grip iPhone 4S Case Review

    We love our iPhone 4 but there was something to the 3G/3GS design that the 4/4S lacks. The older iPhone had a more ergonomic in-hand feel with its tapered edges and smooth corners. Unlike the boxy iPhone 4/4S cases on the market, the CandyShell Grip by Speck has a form like the old iPhone with […]

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    Hatchi Brings Back the Poop-Filled Pets of the ’90s

    We’re in the early throes of a new decade, and you know what that means. Forget the ’80s – it’s time for the ’90s to be retro-in! Developer Portable Pixels is doing its part by creating a faithful representation of the old Tamagotchi keychain pets from the ’90s. Since this is a retro deal, the […]

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    Swivl Does the Twist with Your iPhone Videos

    Swivl swished into CES 2012 with a mobile accessory that lets you fire that old personal cameraman that you used to take everywhere. It comes equipped with a sensor marker that signals the camera Swivl base where to record. This year they have also added a built in microphone to the sensor so you can […]

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    Withings Smart Baby WiFi Scale Will Annoy Facebook Friends

    Withings, a company that lives by their mantra “Smarter Devices, Healthier Lifestyles,” has just announced their internet connected Baby and Toddler Scale. The Smart Baby Scale uses bluetooth, WiFi, and even the new low energy Bluetooth Smart to connect to your computer, iOS device, and the cloud to monitor and track your child’s growth. Similar […]

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    App Cube is a Rubik’s Cube for iPhone Lovers

    Nerds love Rubiks cubes, and they also love apps, so what could be better than the App Cube that brings those two things together!? Instead of the traditional solid colors that cover the square pieces on a Rubik’s Cube, the App Cube uses app icons. So you’ll need to create one solid app color to […]

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    Incase Pivot On Ear Headphone Review

    It really doesn’t get anymore minimalistic than Incase’s Pivot on ear headphones.  Sometimes larger isn’t always better and if you are looking for a subtle and comfy pair of headphones, than the Pivot headphones might just be what you are looking for. Incase’s freshman entry into the headphone market is certainly interesting since they are […]