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    Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary iPhone Case

    We’re still waiting for a proper Star Wars case for the iPhone 4 to come out, but in meanwhile 3G and 3GS users have two more Star Wars cases to choose from. The first is an Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Hard Case, and the second is a Tusken Raider Hard Case. Both cases are […]

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    R2-D2 iPhone Case Celebrates our Favorite Droid

    The R2-D2 iPhone Hard Case isn’t just any iPhone case, it’s a case designed in the image of our favorite droid – and it even comes with “sculpted details”. It is a bummer however that the case is only available for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Of course, we’d love a version for the iPhone […]

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    Mophie Juice Pack Air Review

    If you are like us, you love your iPhone. But as with any electronic gadget, the biggest annoyance is the battery life. With average use you probably don’t get more than a day out of your iPhone, and generally that can be fine, since your day is over and you can let charge while you […]

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    Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary on Your iPhone

    What better way to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary then with an iPhone /iPod Touch App. Recently released are three new apps for all the Hello Kitty fans to love. The first App is the Hello Kitty Anniversary App which will countdown to when she turns 35 on November 1st 2009, profiles her friends, updates […]

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    Moshi Neato Screen Cleaner and Concerti iPhone Case Review

    Moshi’s new neato is a simple eco-friendly product that aims to keep your computer screen clean. The neato is there to wipe off fingerprints, grease and dust particles. Neato is made of microfiber and Terahedron which excels at managing to keep your screen clean without scratching or damaging a screen’s sensitive anti-reflective coating. The other […]