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    iSkin Aura iPhone 5 Case Review

    Who’s looking for a sleek iPhone 5 case? This is it. The shell of the iSkin Aura is thick enough to protect, while the overall width of iPhone+Case is the sleekest we’ve reviewed. Plus it rocks a very chic multi-material design available in various color schemes. The iSkin Aura is a one-piece shell case that […]

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    Fu-design iPhone 4S Case Review

    There are tons of iPhone 4S cases out there, so it’s becoming much more difficult to come out with a case that stands out. Fortunately, Fu-Designs’s iPhone 4S cases really manage to do just that. These cases are covered in illustrations created by Taiwanese artist Fu. The illustrations include everything from colorful robots to snowmen boys. The […]

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    Best Buy Drops iPhone 4 Price to $49.99

    Best Buy has just dropped the price on the iPhone 4 8GB model to just $49.99 with a 2 year contract. That includes both Verizon and AT&T iPhones. Could this be an indicator that an iPhone 5 is on the way? Does Best Buy know something that we don’t? It certainly seems like that might […]

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    Before You Move to a Prepaid iPhone 4S Plan, Read This

    Ever since the iPhone was first announced, customers in the U.S. have longed for a prepaid iPhone. Today Virgin Mobile USA announced that they will be offering the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with their prepaid Beyond Talk unlimited data and messaging plans, which start at as low as $30 a month. That makes Virgin […]

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    Speck FabShell Luxe for iPhone 4S Review

    At first glance, the brand new Speck FabShell Luxe for iPhone 4/4S may seem like a regular case, but it’s not. The FabShell Luxe is a form-fitting hard-shell case that’s backed with an elegant top-grain leather. It’s one of the few practical leather iPhone cases that can live up to the demand of tough every-day […]

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    M-Edge SuperShell for iPhone 4S Review

    The M-Edge SuperShell is a very unique iPhone 4/4S case. It’s a very large and protective case, and yet it’s unthinkably light. This ultra-protective closed-cell foam features a football or basketball-like textured appearance. The M-Edge SuperShell is almost comically large. There’s no tiptoeing around it–it’s a big case. Shockingly, it weighs under one ounce. iPhone […]

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    Speck SmartFlex View Case for iPhone 4S Review

    Kick back and relax. Use the built in kickstand to go hands-free with the new SmartFlex View case for iPhone 4/4S. SmartFlex is the new addition to Speck’s lineup. While this isn’t the first kickstand case from Speck, the SmartFlex is a “View” case with a lighter body with extra flexibility. The SmartFlex View case […]

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    2Phone Case is a Dual-Sim Adapter for iPhone 4

    We have been dreaming about dual-sim devices coming to market for years now, and while they say that the tech for it is in the works, we know it’s just a pipe dream. That said, we’re even more sure that a dual-sim iPhone will never come to pass. But for those of you who believe […]

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    Tiny DLP Pico Projector for iPhone 4S in the Works

    A few years ago, talk about putting projectors into smartphones was all the rage. Back then, a few phones were trickling out with built-in projectors, and everyone expected that by now most phones would have them built-in. Alas, that fad has all but faded away. But that doesn’t mean that many people don’t want a […]

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    Cubit iPhone 4S Case Review

    The X-Doria Cubit for iPhone 4/4S is the case you’ll never get bored of! With over 1 trillion customizable patterns, you can design the back of the Cubit case however you feel. There’s a customizable 5×8 grid on the back with three different colored tiles. There are 14 tiles in each of the three colors […]

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    Cyngett Paparazzi iPhone 4S Case Review

    The Cyngett Paparazzi is an iPhone 4/4S flip case is ideal for throwing in your bag or backpack (or if you’re a bit rough on your poor iPhone). It’s a folding case and the exterior of the “Paparazzi” is a textured animal-skin print on a durable faux-leather. The front covers iPhone’s entire face and flips […]

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    Cygnett ICON iPhone 4S Case Review

    The Cygnett Icon collection is just three cases at the moment, but these three abstract cases are unparallelled in artistic styling and creativity. The colorful, limited-edition artwork on these iPhone 4/4S cases is by Australian-born artist Nathan Jurevicious, creator of Scarygirl. We have two of the three cases in our possession, Chihoohoo’s Tea Party and […]

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    Cygnett Deco and Skin iPhone 4S Case Reviews

    The Cygnett Deco and Cygnett Skin are similar iPhone 4/4S slim cases but their unique finish makes them completely distinct and yet equally marvelous. The Deco has a luminous, glossy, and glam finish while the Skin has a textured and sophisticated finish. The Cygnett Slim cases are very minimalistic and lightweight while they provide a […]

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    GelaSkins Hard Case Review for iPhone 4S

    Just recently, GelaSkins announced their expansion into the iPhone case market. Now that we’ve gotten our hands on a couple of GelaSkins Hard Cases, we can say they’ve done so quite nicely. GelaSkins made a name for themselves by selling artistic, scratch-resistant “skins”, or reusable stickers for iPhones and other mobile devices. While the Hard […]

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    iPPeel Turns the iPhone 4 into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    We have seen our share of crazy and unique iPhone cases in our day, but the iPPeel takes the cake. But in many ways, the iPPeel is so much more than a case. What the iPPeel actually is, is a back cover for the iPhone 4 that houses a whole cell phone inside. Clasp it […]