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    SwitchEasy Plank iPhone 4S Case Review

    If you were to try to find a more distinguished looking iPhone case than the SwitchEasy Plank, you wouldn’t get very far. The Plank Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is appropriately named for its unique wooden textured design. The “plank” texture is actually raised, and just like other SwitchEasy cases, this design is […]

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    Let Sleeping Dog Cases Lie on Your iPhone 4S

    Dog lovers probably won’t need to think twice about getting these iPhone 4S cases. After all, with faces like these, who can resist? The Sleeping Dog iPhone 4S case line from WOWCase features four different cases, each featuring a different colored sleeping plush dog that protects your iPhone from damage and warms your heart at […]

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    Now Your iPhone Can Go Skinny Dipping with Liquipel

    One day water and technology may go together like peanut butter and jelly; Liquipel has proven this to us in person. We watched as they submerged their uncased, seemingly unaltered, iPhone 4 into water. And it functioned perfectly! With the iPhone soaking in a pool of water, we watched the screen broadcast totally unaffected. We […]

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    GoPano Micro for iPhone Review

    GoPano Micro is the latest success story offspring of the Kickstarter community. It is a camera attachment to the iphone camera that allows you to capture video in 360 degrees. It is video only. It is not for Panoramic pictures. Having met its funding goal in May 2011, GoPano entered a market that was ready, […]

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    Case-Mate Pop! iPhone 4S Case Review

    Pop! That’s what the Case-Mate iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S Pop! case does, aesthetically of course. This one-piece case is lightweight, comfortable, grippy, functional, and it looks awesome too! The Case-Mate Pop! case is just one piece, but it’s fused with both hard plastic and soft rubber. The soft rubber runs down the sides, which […]

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    Speck CandyShell View for iPhone 4S Review

    Speck makes some of the coolest and most protective iPhone cases out there, and they never cease to impress. The Speck CandyShell case has been favorite among many, and now Speck have just released the CandyShell View: a case with a built-in kickstand. The View case features a built in retractable, spring-loaded kick stand for propping up your iPhone 4 […]

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    Grab Your iPhone By Its Tail with the iPhone Tail 4S

    If the iPhone 4S is the best camera you own, you might be interested in the iPhone Tail 4S. It’s a protective silicone case with a wrist strap that lets you securely dangle your iPhone 4S from your wrist. If you’re the designated historian in your circle of friends, it looks like a winner.

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    Cygnett FlexiGel and SecondSkin II iPhone 4S Case Review

    Cygnett has recently launched two pretty nice cases for iPhone 4 and 4s. The Cygnett FlexiGel and the Cygnett SecondSkin II are very similarly designed cases, but each with it’s own unique look and feel. The Cygnett FlexiGel is a scratch-resistant and impact resistant case made of a durable and translucent TPU plastic. It’s a […]

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    Draw Foolish Images on Your iFoolish iPhone 4S Case

    Your iPhone 4S is pretty amazing. You can browse the Internet, send text messages, send emails, and make phone calls, all from one device. But, you know what your iPhone 4S really needs? A way to send messages the old fashioned way – writing them down and showing them to someone else. You can do […]

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    Red Bubble iPhone 4S Case Review

    If you’re looking for a new, trendy, and protective iPhone case that represents your unique sense of style and interest, look no further. RedBubble.com undoubtedly has the largest selection of artistic and abstract iPhone 4/4S cases that appeal to just about anyone. These high quality iPhone cases are all designed by independent artists and designers […]

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    Case-Mate Panda and Monkey iPhone 4S Case Reviews

    Go bananas with Case-Mate’s funky animal silicone cases! We have just gotten our hands on Case-Mate’s Bubbles the Monkey Case and Xing the Panda Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and we couldn’t be happier. Fun and protective is a killer combo for iPhone cases. Both cases are silicone and use raised pieces to […]