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    Tavik Channel Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Speck’s CandyShell case has been an iconic iPhone case for some time now, that’s why it’s no surprise to see a few copy-cats in the midst. We encourage the competition, the CandyShell is great, but not perfect. The latest CandyShell type case is by Tavik, a fashion company. Their Channel Case for iPhone 5 is […]

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    The Joy Factory Royce Case for iPhone 5 Review

    We can’t get enough of snazzy looking iPhone cases with simple, but unique, designs. That’s what Joy Factory’s new Royce case for iPhone 5 offers. Plus it packs a few nice surprises. The design of the Royce is just the way we like: a simple one piece snap-on hardshell that can survive the test of […]

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    Cushi Band Bumper Case for iPhone 5 Review

    There’s no telling why Apple gave up on the official bumper case, leaving iPhone 5 in the dust. Lucky for us there’s ID America with the ever-so colorful selection of affordable and protective iPhone 5 bumpers. The ID America Cushi Band is very similar to Apple’s bumper case; it stretches over iPhone covering all sides […]

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    ColorWare Debuts a Colorific $1700 iPhone 5

    Those rascals at ColorWare are at it again. Apparently, the iPhone 5 is just not good enough to leave alone, so they have gone ahead and customized it for you with some nifty colors. There are 46 unique colors in all to choose from and each drop of color will leave your iPhone 5 with a […]

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    Seidio iPhone 5 Case with Metal Stand and Holster Review

    iPhone 5’s got it all…well, almost. The Seido Active Case for iPhone 5 delivers the built-in kickstand that iPhone may never receive. In addition to a kickstand and snazzy design, the Seido Active offers supreme protection and an optional belt holster. The Seidio Active is a two-piece case. The inner portion is a silicone form-fitting […]

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    How to Unlock your iPhone 5 for $5

    It feels like just yesterday I spent the whole afternoon jailbreaking my iPhone and unlocking it with Ultrasnow. I travel internationally a lot, so having an unlocked iPhone has always been a priority for me. More recently, I had resorted too purchasing factory unlocked iPhones from Apple, so that I didn’t have to go through […]

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    Tavik Visionaries iPhone 5 Case Review

    The Tavik Visionaries Time Case for iPhone 5 is like shutter shades for your iPhone (remember those?!). This stylish one-piece shell is 75% case and the other 25% are stripes revealing your iPhone. Tavik, an apparel brand, has teamed up with their parent company and accessory manufacturer, Incipio, to design a lineup of cases fit […]

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    Tech21 D3O Impact Band for iPhone 5 Review

    What happened, Apple? No bumpers this time around? Thankfully Tech21 has been able to satisfy iPhone 5 bumper demand with something cooler and more protective. Tech21’s Impact Band for iPhone 5 is a translucent colored bumper that offers your brand new device a minimalistic design in a lightweight and protective package. Tech21 attributes their knowledge […]

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    BoxWave Manila Envelope iPhone 5 Case Review

    Special Delivery! It’s the iPhone 5 in the most adorable case of all time! The BoxWave Manila Envelope is a perfectly sized padded pouch for iPhone 5. The BoxWave Manila Envelope looks and feels like real leather, but instead it’s synthetic and animal-friendly. It’s very nicely padded and the inside is covered in a soft […]

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    Incipio Frequency iPhone 5 Case Review

    The Incipio Frequency is a “textured impact resistant iPhone 5 case,” sounds cool, ey? Well it is. The Frequency case is a really nice and simple solution to providing your iPhone 5 nice protection with a snazzy sleek appearance in a variety of colors. The Incipio Frequency looks like it would be made out of […]

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    X-Doria Venue Case for iPhone 5 Review

    There’s already competition among iPhone 5 cases. The X-Doria Venue Case for iPhone 5 sports a very familiar design to Speck’s CandyShell cases, soft protection on the inside and a tough durable shell on the outside. X-Doria went for a bolder two-tone design. The X-Doria Venue is a one piece form fitting case. On the […]

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    Speck SmartFlex View iPhone 5 Case Review

    We love iPhone 5, but is it perfect? Not really. With the SmartFlex View Case, Speck bequeaths an important feature unto iPhone, the kickstand.. We’ve reviewed the same case for iPhone 4/4S, but now it’s lighter and sleeker with the same usability and protection. The SmartFlex View has been reduced to a much more manageable […]

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    Speck CandyShell Flip iPhone 5 Case Review

    Speck’s CandyShell Flip for iPhone 5 is a lot like Speck’s CandyShell case that we just reviewed. It too is made of a dual-layer casing that provides shock absorption and ample protection from bumps and drops. On the outside, the case sports a hard outer shell, while the inside is made up of a cushiony […]

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    Belkin Shield Pastels Case for iPhone 5 Review

    iPhone 5 has been out just a week and we’ve already reviewed a handful of nifty cases, yet Belkin’s Shield case is the simple design we’ve been waiting for. The Belkin Shield Pastels case is a one-piece shell with a form fitting design that has a sweet and laid back appearance and an ideal build […]

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    Belkin Grip Candy Sheer iPhone 5 Case Review

    Belkin’s Grip Candy Sheer is a terrifically minimalist case that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. The Grip Candy Sheer is made of a flexible, easy-to-grip TPU material that is lightweight, yet tough. The Belkin Grip Candy Sheer offers a slim and form-fitting design for the iPhone 5, while still providing ample protection from scratches and minor […]

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    Thank the Heavens, a Golden iPhone 5 Has Arrived

    The phenomenon of flagship smartphones being decked out in gold or crystals is actually a fascinating one. We’re seeing luxury items being made into…even more of luxury items? I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s adding layers of luxury on top of each other, like a cake, if cakes cost more than what […]

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    Speck CandyShell Grip Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Wow, it didn’t take long for the best iPhone 5 case to hit the market. Of course that’s a bold statement, but Speck has spent years building a strong name for themselves in the case industry. Historically, their CandyShell has been among the toughest and most protective cases on the market, while providing an extremely […]

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    Speck CandyShell Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Speck’s CandyShell has been one of the most stylish ways to protect your iPhone for a few years now. Here they are, another year, and another impressive lineup of CandyShells for the new iPhone 5. While the CandyShell has always been a clunky way of seriously protecting iPhone with a lot of pizzazz, Speck has […]