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    iGloLEDset Review – Video

    iGloLEDset is a programmable strip of 120 full color LED lights controlled by an iOS or Android device. With the app, you have complete control over all aspects of the light strip including colors, patterns, speeds, and animation. With all the programmable presets, you can have a custom light-show for every and any occasion.

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    Give Yourself a Facelift at Home with the iSurgeon iPhone App

    Wow if you thought iPhone/iPod Touch Apps couldn’t get any more ridiculous this latest one takes the cake. iSurgeon is a beauty app that just doesn’t let you see how you will look with a new hair color – no no. This one lets you see how you will look post plastic surgery!  Created by […]

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    Ralph Lauren Launches the iPhone Rugby App

    Whether you know it or not, Ralph Lauren has been ahead of the fashion meets technology tide for 10 years now. They launched their website 10 years ago at COMDEX. Then they were the first fashion company to have a Facebook page – which today boasts close to 500,000 friends. And last year they were […]