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    Wowwee RoboMe Robot is a Wall-E Wannabe: Review

    It’s 2013, where’s all the robots? Wowwee’s RoboMe is a customizable robot for the kids, it can drive around the house and harness unlimited usability from an iPhone or iPod Touch. He stands just over a foot tall and rolls on 3 wheels. RoboMe has a loud personality and is full of sensors, games, and […]

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    Run as Fast as You Can; You Can’t Catch Me I’m the Time2ginger iPhone Dock

    Unfortunately for this little dude, though, it doesn’t look like running is in the cards anymore. But, his legless pain can be your gain – that gaping mouth does more than convey the horror shared by holiday treats everywhere. It acts as an amplifier for your iPhone speakers (+15dB) that requires no power to operate. […]

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    iHome iP4 Stereo Boombox for iPhone Gets its Retro On

    In a world where all iPhone docks more or less look the same, the new iP4 Stereo Boombox for iPhone/ iPod from iHome blows us away. That’s not to say that its boombox design hasn’t been done before. After all, Lasonic came out with an iPod Boombox quite a while back in 2008. But iHome […]

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    CalypsoCrystal’s Crystal Docks Let You Charge Your iPhone With Class

    Charging and syncing your iPhone is pretty rote, unremarkable stuff these days. Well, throw that out the window. CalypsoCrystal has arrived to upgrade your iPhone experience in a wonderfully elegant way with their new line of handmade and handcut pure crystal glass iPhone docks. Each one is specially made in Europe from some of the […]