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  • Kurio 10s Tablet_Techno Source


    Kurio 4S is a Kid-Friendly iPod Touch Alternative

    Techno Source has unveiled a full suite of a sign of the times, otherwise known as mobile technology made specifically for kids. Their Kurio line has been updated to include the 4S, 7S, and 10S, giving kids just about as much choice as their parents when it comes to device size.

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    iBuKu Pets are Huggable Cases for iPhone and iPod Touch

    iPhones and iPod Touches can offer children (and adults) unlimited, safe, and educational entertainment. There is really no age barrier to being able to use an iPhone or iPod Touch. Even one year olds have been known to take advantage of some of the simpler apps. Here inlays the fundamental problem: young children are accident-prone. […]

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    TeeGee Comes to Life with iPhone or iPod Touch

    Interactive toys and stuffed animals have been entertaining, teaching, and inspiring children for years now. They’re great companions as they are safe, fun, and educational. The soon-to-be-released TeeGee has taken interactive (stuffed) friends to a new level by harnessing the power of iOS. With an iPhone or iPod Touch powering TeeGee, the stuffed animal comes […]

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    Epson MegaPlex Combo Projectors Dock the iPad and iPhone

    Epson has a reputation for making great projectors, and with these latest two MegaPlex Combo Projectors, they’ve expanded their projectors into the mobile space. In particular, these MegaPlex Combo Projectors are ready to dock the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, so that users can easily project the photos and videos stored on their iOS devices.

  • jelly

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    Jelly Belly Scented iPhone and BlackBerry Cases Will Make You Crave Sweets

    What happens when you’re already producing one of the tastiest and most successful candies in the world? You go ahead and make gadget accessories that smell like you’re delicious creations. Jelly Belly, the world’s premier jelly bean manufacturer, has come out with a special Scented Line of Smartphone cases along with classic Jelly Bean shaped […]

  • xgps

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    Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal GPS Receiver Review – for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablets, Smartphones

    Not all of our shiny gadgets these days are blessed with a built-in GPS unit, which would be convenient considering they can run navigation apps. Dual Electronics solves this problem with their XGPS150 Bluetooth GPS Receiver. This device works for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as well as Android, Windows, or Blackberry Smartphones […]

  • LA95113

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    Mophie Releases Juice Pack Air for 4th Gen iPod touch

    You gotta feel sympathy for the iPod Touch, when it comes to accessories for it, especially battery packs, the iPhone 4 gets all the love and attention. Fortunately, Mophie has heard its cries and come out with a Juice Pack Air that is especially designed to fit the iPod touch 4th generation. The Juice Pack […]

  • wowkeys


    WOW-Keys is a Full-Size QWERTY Keyboard for iPhone 4 and PCs

    The WOW-Keys keyboard for the iPhone and iPod Touch, was announced several months back and now it has finally materialized. This full size keyboard with laptop-style soft keys, sports a dedicated dock for the iPhone or iPod Touch. But not only does it work as a keyboard for your computer, and a dock and sync […]

  • galaxy50

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    Samsung Galaxy Player 50 Review

    The Samsung Galaxy Player 50 is an iPod Touch competitor running Android. It is essentially a cute little Android phone, but without the phone functionality. This Galaxy WiFi portable media device (PMP) has most of Android’s killer features as well as its gigantic app store. So how does it stack up against an iPod Touch […]

  • powerdock

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    Griffin PowerDock Dual for iPad and iPhone Review

    How many households own both an iPhone and iPad nowadays? Multiple Apple iOS devices are becoming common place in the home, so stand-alone docks and stands can’t always cut it. Personally, my desk feels disorganized with my iPhone lying around on one side, and my iPad sitting up in a stand on the other. Griffin’s […]

  • ipodtouchcell

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    Magic Case Transforms the iPod Touch into an iPhone

    This “magic” case is able add phone and text messaging capabilities to the iPod Touch – or atleast it claims to do so. For $129.99, this case will transform any jailbroken 1st gen, 2nd gen, or 3rd gen iPod Touch into an phone that can make voice calls and send text messages. Wow, that sounds […]

  • touchartsprojekt

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    Speck’s Fitted ArtsProjekt Now Available for iPod touch

    Oh, the plight of the poor old iPod Touch. Lately, it has been completely overshadowed by the iPhone 4 and iPad. Fortunately, Speck has heard its cries and come out with two new Fitted Artsprojekt cases. These cases, which have been designed by some of the world’s most progressive artists and members of Artsprojekt are […]

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    iLuv i1166 Review, the Anti iPad

    Let’s take a breather from all the iPad reviews, accessories, etc… and talk about a product that may not have all the bells and whistles of the iPad but it is also a pretty good multimedia unit for on the go, and especially for those long roadtrips with the kids.  The iLuv i1166 is a […]