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    Speck CandyShell Grip Case for iPod Touch 4G Review

    There are a lot of cool cases to choose from for your iPod Touch 4G, but one that you don’t want to miss is the Candy Shell Grip gaming case from Speck. This is a hard shell case which looks to offer good impact-resistant protection. This is definitely better than a simple silicone cover. I […]

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    iPod Touch 4G Now in White and Acting More and More like an iPhone

    Those who claim that the iPod Touch is just an iPhone lacking a 3G connection used to make the statement tongue in cheek. After Apple’s news conference today in Cupertino, that might literally become truth. The iPod Touch is being touted increasingly as a communications tool just as much as an entertainment device. If you […]

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    New Paul Frank iPhone 4 Cases Arrive Just in Time for iPhone 5

    It feels as if we have been waiting for an eternity for more official Paul Frank iPhone 4 cases to finally arrive, and now they have finally landed. But talk about timing! Paul Frank has added several adorable Julius case designs to their iPhone 4 selection. But who wants to purchase any iPhone 4 cases […]

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    Headcase Etch-A-Sketch Case Review

    Let’s go back to a simpler time where Etch-A-Sketches were the only tablets that existed. Thanks to the folks at Headcase, we can go back to that time…seemingly. Headcase makes officially licensed Etch-A-Sketch cases that morph just about any

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    Hard Candy’s New iPod Touch 4G Cases Confirm a Camera Feature

    It’s becoming apparent that whenever a new Apple product is launched – the second important announcement thereafter is the cases and accessories that will support it. The Apple Conference hasn’t even started yet, but a few companies already have cases in their back-pockets,  ready to be released when the news is made public. Hard Candy’s […]