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    iRobot 700 Series, Roomba 780 Review

    It has been a few years since iRobot released new models of their prestigious Roomba series vacuum cleaning robots. Well 2011 not only brings one, but three different Roomba’s in the all new 700 series. The Roomba 700 series was first announced late last year and now all three models (760, 770, and 780) of […]

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    First Android App-Ready Robot Lands at Google I/O

    So far the focus at the Google I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco has been mostly on tablets and smartphones, but it seems that Robots are getting some Google love out there as well. Google is working on a project that will have Android running on robots.  iRobot has teamed up with Google to create […]

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    iRobot Scooba 230 Review

    The Scooba 230 is iRobot’s latest in home robotic mastery. The tiny Scooba 230 is only 3lbs, yet packs a punch inside of its tiny body. It will wash, scrub, and squeegee away all the dirt and grime on your tile, linoleum, and sealed hardwood floors. I’m not one for mopping my floors,

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    iRobot Debuts Itsy Bitsy Scooba 230 Floor Washing Robot

    Well we knew that it was time for iRobot to dazzle us again with some new robotic friends, and at CES this week they will indeed be debuting the Scooba 230 Floor Washing Robot. This itsy bitsy floor washing robot is the smallest in the world at 3.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter. […]

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    Neato XV-11 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

    Almost a year ago the Neato XV-11 vrroomed it’s way into CES and tried to wow us with its impressive robotic cleaning technology. It even appeared on many best gadgets of CES 2010 lists. However, after CES 2010 ended, months passed and we were almost certain that Neato would become vaporware since we didn’t hear […]

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    iRobot Reveals R&D Robot Jambots

    Today in New York, we got a chance to look under the hood at some of iRobot’s latest ingenious technologies. iRobot didn’t announce any new Roomba products, but we still had the opportunity to see some of the neat R&D projects they are working on. At the event, iRobot talked about their iAdapt responsive cleaning […]

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    iRobot Turns 20!! Robotic Vaccums Clean in Celebration

    iRobot is having a birthday – they’re turning 20!! In the 90’s two MIT grads, Colin Angle and Helen Greiner, and their MIT Professor, Rodney Brooks, joined forces to make practical robots a reality and 20 years later they are still at the forefront of technology with new and exciting ways to not only help […]