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    The Second It Trailer Takes Us Back Into the Sewers

    We got a lot more from the MTV Movie and TV Awards than a new Wonder Woman trailer and Emma Watson taking down the first gender-neutral acting award. Sunday’s event also saw the airing of the second trailer for Stephen King’s It, just a month after the first one crawled out of the Derry sewers. This time, we’re […]

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    Pennywise the Clown Returns in the First It Trailer

    Get ready for another wave of revivals. Stephen King’s novels, which have long been fertile ground for film adaptations, are being revisited. That includes King’s novel It, which previously got a miniseries adaptation with Tim Curry behind the clown paint of Pennywise. This year, the long-delayed movie adaptation will hit theaters, and New Line Cinema has […]

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    Hands-on with Dell OEM Solutions at Interop 2010

    The Google Search Appliance is a server designed to let anyone from a small business to a full scale enterprise offer a secure and efficient search engine for their intranet and web sites. But here is the kicker – the Google Search Appliance is made by Dell, or specifically, Dell OEM Solutions. Dell OEM Solutions […]