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    Jabra Halo Review

    You can tell that from the moment you look at its minimalist design, that the Jabra Halo is not your typical stereo bluetooth A2DP headset. The HALO sports touchscreen controls on its right hand earpiece and it also features AVRCP which lets you play and pause music tracks, as well as skip backward and forward […]

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    Jabra STONE Review

    The Jabra STONE is unlike any Bluetooth headset you have ever seen before. Jabra knew that launching that teaser website a little while ago would make the blogs start buzzing about what this ‘Stone’ was all about. Well it’s finally here and it looks cooler than any teaser picture could have depicted. The shape of […]

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    Jabra’s New Lightweight HALO Bluetooth Stereo Headset

    With Stereo Bluetooth making its way on to the iPod Touch and the next gen iPhone soon enough, this is a great time to be learning about new stereo bluetooth products from Jabra. Jabra’s new HALO stereo headset is a wireless headset that lets you listen to tunes in crystal stereo sound featuring Zirene Power […]