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    Jawbone Files Suit Against Fitbit – Again

    Oh, you though Jawbone was done lawyering up? No, they’re just getting started — the ink has barely dried on their first lawsuit accusing Fitbit of corporate espionage, yet Jawbone is already plunging into round two, filing a separate suit against Fitbit over patent infringement. Late last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Jawbone […]

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    How Many Calories Does a Trip to the Courthouse Burn? Jawbone Sues Fitbit Over Alleged Corporate Espionage

    Popcorn-worthy stuff this week as Jawbone has filed suit in a California State Court claiming that Fitbit not only poached Jawbone employees — no foul there — but that those employees stole corporate secrets including market research and future product designs. That would be the foul part. The New York Times report says that Fitbit […]

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    Jawbone UP4 is a Fitness Band that Does Mobile Payments Too

    Jawbone is looking to reassert itself in the fitness tracker game by adding two more fitness trackers to the UP3 and UP Move that were announced late last year. The UP2 and UP4 are attempts to bring Jawbone’s fitness trackers in line with a few greater trends in the fitness tracker market by going more […]

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    Jawbone UP Updates Takes Your Next Meal to New Heights

    Fitness trackers and their apps to a great job of logging data like steps taken. Logging meal data, on the other hand, has been more of a side dish, mostly because it’s not automatic and most people probably aren’t going to take the time to log every single thing they eat manually. But, new updates […]

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    Jawbone UP24 Gets 3 New Colors for Spring

    When you’re making a fitness tracker, you’re also making a fashion accessory. So, it helps to put a lot of different choices out there, which is exactly what Jawbone is doing. They’re celebrating the coming return of summer – and maybe Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – with three new colors for their UP24 fitness […]

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    Jawbone Redesigns and Revamps ERA Headset for Siri

    Bluetooth speakers might be all the rage these days, but Jawbone is returning to its roots with the new and improved Jawbone ERA bluetooth headset. This tiny, but fashion forward headset, is designed to not only be comfortable and great for making calls, but it has also been revamped to take better advantage of Siri […]

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    Jawbone Up24 Fitness Tracker Wristband Review

    Fitness devices are trending upwards, and rightfully so! There’s nothing more important than your health. Last year, Jawbone’s Up activity monitor paved the way as one of the most popular fitness bands. This year they’ve released the Up24, the same great device but with wireless syncing capabilities. Up24 monitors fitness, activity, sleep, and more. Up24, […]

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    Jawbone Up’s the Competiton with UP24 Fitness Bracelet

    The Jawbone UP was one of the first big fitness trackers to hit shelves, so it’s no surprise that it’s getting an update this holiday season, both to the device itself and the app that processes all of that fitness and sleep data. UP24 is the brand new tracker that you can find in stores […]

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    Jawbone Era Review

      Update 1/22/2014: The Jawbone ERA has a new model for 2014. Check out our full review here. I prefer to think of Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headsets as fashion ear candy versus just as drab hands-free devices. Their earpieces tend to always exemplify innovation, design, and they provide amazing sound quality to boot. To that effect, […]