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    Get Ready to Scream and Shout! As the Karoke Machine Comes Home: Review

    Looking to add some life to the party with some karaoke? The Singing Machine Bluetooth Pedestal Karaoke System offers a full-featured karaoke system that promises hours of fun. Out of the box it assembles quickly and looks really nice—the more we looked over this unit, the more impressed we were. It’s loaded with features! Let’s […]

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    Hello Kitty LED TV Goes Peekaboo, Doubles as Monitor

      Smart TVs? Who needs ’em? We’ve progressed past that point. We’re on to Hello Kitty TVs – the future is now. Yes, Hello Kitty has her own new television set. It’s more or less your standard flat-panel LCD monitor, just with Hello Kitty’s face watching you as you watch TV. Not that she’s judging you, […]

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    Karaoke Pro System Embraces Both Android and iOS Singers

    Most people either love Karaoke or hate it altogether, but if you love it, then you’re going to want to check out Ion’s new Karaoke Pro system. This is a karaoke system designed for anyone with an iPad, Apple or Android device. The system comes complete with a powerful speaker and a wireless mic so […]

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    Disney Spotlight Brings Karaoke to the iPad 2

    Karaoke on the iPad seems like such a natural fit. So it’s a wonder why there hasn’t until now, been any serious accessories to come out for it.  Well that is about to change now that Disney is coming out with Disney Spotlight. Disney Spotlight is actually designed for kids, but it looks like it […]