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    Verizon is Selling a Kids Tablet with Built-in 4G LTE

    Verizon is doubling down on family-friendly tech this holiday season — on top of the two LG wearable devices for kids they recently announced, the telecom giant will add a new kids tablet called the Ellipsis. While it might not do much different than the many kids tablets we’ve covered, Verizon is hoping that a […]

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    LeapPad 3 and Ultra XDi Kids Tablets are Better, Cheaper

    LeapFrog is rolling out their brand new kids tablets for the year. The LeapPad 3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi will both be hitting stores this year, and both feature a few technical upgrades from their predecessors. The LeapPad has made its name by being a closed-off system, using only LeapFrog’s approved suite of software, ebooks, […]

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    Discovery Kids techTAB Review

    So you’ve finally decided to buy your child a tablet of their own. Now you just need to decide on which tablet to buy. You could simply buy a them an iPad or one of the many Android tablets available, but you’re probably be concerned about giving them unsupervised access to the internet and the […]

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    Meep! Review – A Kid Safe Android Tablet

    If your child is constantly asking to use your phone or tablet to play games or to do their homework, you face a dilemma. Do you let them loose to roam the internet without supervision or do you try and shield them from technology altogether? Chances are you don’t want to do either. That’s where […]

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    Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth is More Premium Than the Average Kids Tablet

    Those in the international market are about to have one more intriguing 7” tablet to choose from, this time from Huawei. The Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth is directed at, unsurprisingly, young people (teens and young adults) looking for their first tablet, and if they choose this one, they probably won’t be disappointed. The 7” aluminum […]

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    One Laptop Per Child, Introduces Three New Additions, For the Kids

    In the midst of CES madness it is nice to see a booth like this, one focusing on the less fortunate, especially children. One Laptop per Child is a project to nring modern education to children through affordable computers. At CES they announced three new products to aid in that endeavor. The XO Learning System, […]