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    LED Eyelashes Light Up and Flash to Your Movements

    The next big thing in club wear just hit Kickstarter, and it’s already blown past its funding goal. F.lashes are strings of LED lights that make your eyelashes shine, and the designers behind them have even gotten the lights to move according to your movements! They look super simple to use, too. Using the same […]

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    Pulsate like a Mac with the iNecklace

    Taking a break from the technology overload at IFA, lets concentrate on something more important – like jewelry. More specifically the iNecklace. The iNecklace is an aluminum pendant with a subtle pulsating LED that takes its pattern from the Apple “breathing” LED on Macs. Not only does it fit in nicely with any type of […]

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    Philips Lumiware Vase and Cooler Add Color to any Cocktail Party

    Looking for the perfect ambiance for your next cocktail party? Philips will be launching just in time for the holidays, the Lumiware Vase and Lumiware Cooler. The Lumiware Vase is a decorative piece that features white and colored LED lights. It is battery operated and weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use. It is also  scratch […]