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    Frozen is Going to be an Animated Lego Miniseries

    Yeah, you read the headline right. You’d be forgiven for being concerned over an unexpected animated miniseries for a beloved franchise in Lego form, but trust us, there’s no need. The top people from all companies are involved in Frozen Northern Lights, a new story that will span a series of books and a four-part animated […]

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    The ’60s Volkswagen Beetle is Now a Brickified LEGO Car

    This counts when playing Slugbug, right? Lego’s line of auto models has really become something to admire lately, with some impressive and very well-designed sets hitting shelves (like the Technic Porsche and a Mini Cooper). If you were into those, better set aside another chunk of cash for this August — the latest auto set is […]

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    Big Ben Gets Its Own Gigantic LEGO Set With 4,000 Bricks

    Big Ben is an amazing, iconic structure, so of course it needs to be recreated with LEGOS. Four thousand brick LEGOS to be exact. The landmark has been reproduced as a detailed LEGO Creator set. Standing at 60 cm tall, it also accurately depicts the clock tower’s many detailed facades. It has four adjustable dials, a removable roof […]

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    The Village is the Biggest Minecraft LEGO Set Yet

    Minecraft Lego sets have always been an oddity — with Minecraft long billed as the video game equivalent of Lego, putting them together seemed a little unnecessary. But, then we get Steve, Alex, and Creeper figures, and it all made sense. Since then, we’ve seen several Minecraft characters and locations in brick form, including The Mine, which […]

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    The Next LEGO Minifigures Collection is Made Up of Disney Characters

    Two of our great loves, together like never before. Lego has officially announced that their next minifigure collection will exclusively feature Disney characters. Money will be spent. The collection will include 18 new minifigures, featuring a pretty wide variety of Disney characters. Instead of just going with core Disney characters, there are a few minifigs […]

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    The Lego Batman Movie Gets a Second Trailer

    The lighter, more urban conscious Lego Batman is getting his own feature film in 2017. We are aware of this because the first trailer dropped late last week. Apparently, Lego Batman is also social media savvy — he’s keeping the hype train rolling with the second trailer in a week, and yes, this time we […]

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    World’s First Baby Lego Minifig is Too Adorable

    Lego is looking to get everyone involved in the fun this year — even the ones who are yet too young to enjoy the joys of the brick. Fresh off the introduction of their first wheelchair piece, Lego is showing off their first mini minifig. Yes, babies finally have a part to play in the […]

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    Ninjago Is About To Get A Slew Of New LEGO Sets

    It’s going to be a big year for Lego Ninjago — the animated show, Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, is still rolling, and there’s a movie spinoff from The Lego Movie planned for release in 2017. What better way to get everyone excited about all that than with new Ninjago sets? Lego will show off […]

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    The Ghostbusters Movie Is Getting Its Own Lego Set

    And here we thought we were going to have to wait until after this summer to get a Lego set with the new Ghostbusters. I guess that was a little naive — Lego doesn’t work that slowly these days! In July, they’ll release an updated version of the Ghostbuster ECTO-1 and -2 set, complete with […]

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    A Teen Built A Working KFC Vending Machine Out Of LEGO

    Is it boredom? A business opportunity? Honestly, we think the spate of branded vending machines built out of Lego bricks by one Astonishing Studios is a tongue-in-cheek sendup of pop culture and the 21st century obsession with convenience. Only such a visionary could produce a KFC vending machine made out of Lego bricks. Make no […]

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    Here’s LEGO’s First Wheelchair Minifigure

    In an effort to promote inclusivity, Lego has introduced a new wheelchair element in one of its newest sets. It’s the first time that Lego has addressed physical disabilities in their sets, the next move in Lego’s move toward making all builders feel welcome. The set in question is called Fun in the Park, and […]

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    Tomorrow’s College Football Playoff Semifinals Get a Sweet LEGO Promo Video

    The second annual College Football Playoffs are going to get underway tomorrow, as the BCS days grow ever-smaller in the rear-view mirror. This year’s quartet of Clemson, Michigan State, Alabama, and Oklahoma will compete for the national championship this year, the culmination of outstanding seasons built brick by brick, an idea that’s been taken literally […]