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    Lenovo’s Popular Yoga 3 Gets Revamped for 2015

    Following up on last fall’s release of the Yoga 3 Pro, Lenovo is announcing the consumer versions of their new 2-in-1 at CES. The Yoga 3 will come in 11″ and 14″ models, and while they’re necessarily a step down from the Pro version, the sacrifices probably aren’t too onerous for most. Maybe the most […]

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    Watch As We Use a Pair of Scissors on the Yoga Tablet 2

    Lenovo released a ton of new Yoga tablets last fall, but only one is getting a refresh of sorts here at CES. The 8″ Yoga Tablet 2 running Windows 8.1 is the one getting the upgrade, but you won’t see it in the usual places—the specs are still the same as what was released in […]

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    Lenovo Flex 3 is the Poor Man’s Yoga and That Isn’t a Bad Thing

    Lenovo’s Flex line has more or less become the budget Yoga line, but that doesn’t mean you should stop reading. For a budget 2-in-1, the Lenovo Flex 3 is boasting some awfully impressive specs for the price. The Windows 8.1 2-in-1 will come in three models—11.6″, 14″, and 15.6″. They’ll all come standard with 1366 […]

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    Lenovo Revamps the ThinkPad X1 Carbon for 2015

    Lenovo’s high-end ThinkPad, the X1 Carbon, is getting a refresh of its own at CES 2015, boasting a new and improved display, higher-performing internal storage, and the latest generation of Intel’s Core i processors. It’s more of the same, only better—par for the course for the ThinkPad, a laptop line steeped in tradition. While the […]

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    ThinkPad STACK is like Jenga for Mobile Accessories

    Tired of arranging and rearranging all of those laptop accessories you have scattered across your desk? Lenovo thinks they have a solution—the Lenovo Stack, a whole set of interlocking accessories that stack up neatly and cut down on clutter dramatically. Despite all appearances, the Lenovo Stack is actually meant to be more useful on the […]

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    What’s in Our CES 2015 Survival Guide?

    There’s probably no higher praise we can give a gadget than putting it in our backpack come CES. It’s arguably the biggest and most grueling week of the year for tech media, and sets the tone for the entire year that follows for the whole consumer electronics industry. We find out who the trend-setters are […]

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    Which are the BEST Holiday Shopping Apps? [Video]

    Holiday shopping has changed. More and more, we’re turning to the internet for shopping. Let’s be honest, while there were a few special deals the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday is now pretty much the entire two months of November and December, with tons of deals to take advantage of to make everyone happy. The […]

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    Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Now Coming in Windows 8.1 Model

    Earlier this month, Lenovo dropped the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, a huge 13.3″ Android tablet made for home entertainment. Today, Lenovo is announcing that that same tablet will be coming in a Windows 8.1 model starting in November. The Tablet 2 Pro got our attention by adding a subwoofer and a projector to a tablet, […]

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    Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 Offers the Best of Both Worlds

    At their Yoga event in London this week, Lenovo is showing off a new size for their ThinkPad Yoga, the business-friendly take on their popular 2-in-1 line. The same 360 degree hinge, robust keyboard, and TrackPoint are here, but now with a 14″ display that makes this one of the larger 2-in-1 devices we’ve seen […]

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    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Debuts with Watch-Band Inspired Design

    Lenovo had plenty to announce last month at IFA, but were noticeably silent about all things Yoga. That’s because the Yoga line is getting the star treatment at its own show in London this week, and the headliner is the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, an update to Lenovo’s excellent 2-in-1 that features a spec jump […]

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    Ashton Kutcher Shows Off His Newest Baby, The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

    You might remember that last year, Lenovo hired Ashton Kutcher to be a product engineer for their tablets. Well, Kutcher has been doing a series of videos showing him with focus groups taking about Lenovo’s Yoga Tablets and asserting that yes, he really is doing this product engineer thing, he’s not acting. He’s also been […]

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    Lenovo Yoga 2 13-inch Review: Still a Leader in Versatility

    Tent, Stand, Laptop and Tablet mode – it’s no secret that we were smitten with the original Yoga. Its versatile form-factor made it not only super practical, but it also helped show off all of Windows 8’s capabilities. But there was still room for improvement, and it’s clear that Lenovo listened to a lot of […]

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    ThinkPad 10 is a Serious Windows Tablet with Lots of Accessories

    The ThinkPad name is usually associated with business. That said, Lenovo’s previous ThinkPad tablet, an 8” offering, was probably a little too small for most people looking to get some serious work done. That changes with the new ThinkPad 10, a 10.1” tablet that should be dropping sometime next week. The ThinkPad 1o will have […]