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    The LG G5 Is a Modular Powerhouse

    For a few years now, we’ve been fans of what LG has done with their smartphones — if nothing else, they’ve always managed to be different. Today, they’re announcing the LG G5, and while from the outside it looks a lot more similar to its competitors (we’ll miss the leather-backed option), this new phone does […]

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    LG Gizmo Gadget for Verizon Review

    Is your son or daughter begging for a smartphone, but you’re not quite sure they’re ready for it yet? Would you like more peace of mind by being able to know where your child is at all times? LG and Verizon have teamed up to give you the perfect gadget in the Gizmo Gadget smartwatch. […]

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    LG’s Styler Is Perfect For Those Who Hate Ironing

    LG showed off a lot of cool, innovative ideas at CES 2016, including their rollable display, but we haven’t forgotten about their appliances! They might not have the pop of a paper-thin display, but LG’s appliances are making life easier for families everywhere. LG kept up the good work at CES 2016, and Dave VanderWaal […]

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    Our Top Picks of CES 2016

    No slowing down for the world’s largest technology expo — one week and more than 170,000 people later, CES 2016 has passed leaving far more tech than anyone could possibly cover in its wake. We did our best, and good thing, because like always, there were loads of terrific new products on the way in […]

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    LG Just Brought Back the Flip Phone, But With Android

    How quickly things change. The once ubiquitous flip phone has been consigned to the dumpster of history, replaced by the now ubiquitous non-flippy smartphone. Fortunately, we believe in recycling here in the 21st century, and that means nothing stays in the dumpster of history too long before getting dug out. So today, we have LG […]

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    The LG G4 is Nearly Perfect – Review

    The LG G4 is a unique instance where a phone manufacturer brags about releasing a phone with a great camera, and actually comes through. To that effect, the LG G4 has one of the best phone cameras on the market today, so much so that it can go head to head with the likes of […]

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    LG G4 Hands-on and First Impressions [Video]

    Another flagship Android phone officially joined the fray today, with LG announcing the G4, a technical powerhouse that delivers premium specs along with a couple of design choices that could make it more attractive than its Android competitors. And, just like everyone else in 2015, LG is out for style points, earning them with optional […]

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    LG G Flex 2: First Non-Stock Android Phone to Run Lollipop

    A year after debuting their first curved smartphone, the G Flex, at CES 2014, LG is introducing the follow-up at CES 2015. The LG G Flex 2 is smaller, stronger, and much more powerful, even if we’re still not totally sure why it’s curved. But hey, distinctiveness is its own reward. Impressively, the LG G […]

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    Where are the Smartwatches for Women?

    If 2013 was the year of the fitness tracker, 2014 is turning out to be the year of the smart watch. To that effect, each mobile company at IFA in Berlin this week, had their own smart watch to debut. At each press conference, I anxiously awaited to get a hands on with that perspective […]

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    6 Dirt Cheap Smartphones that are Actually Quite Good

    Cheap smartphones, no contract. Pick one, right? Unsubsidized, off-contract phones come at a high price—high enough to make the confines of a two-year contract preferable by comparison, which is really saying something. But, that’s only true for the flagship phones that get most of the publicity. The market is awash in low- and mid-tier budget […]

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    Score the LG G Pad 7.0 LTE from AT&T For $1

    The LG G Pad 7.0 LTE doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The name says it all—it’s a 7″ tablet with LTE connectivity, bringing all of LG’s software bells and whistles to the party. What the name doesn’t tell you is that soon, you can get one for $1. Waiting for the catch? Well, yeah. […]

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    LG G Flex Headed to AT&T for $299

    The bendy straw of the smartphone world is ready to hit stores in the United States. The LG G Flex is coming to AT&T on January 24 for $300 with a two-year contract. LG’s new phone is bent along the horizontal axis and, in a new twist, can actually be bent to better fit your […]

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    LG G Flex Smartphone Offers Curved OLED Goodness [Video]

    The era of the curved smartphone is upon us. Why? I’m not 100 percent sure, but it looks different! The LG G Flex is making its way to the United States, and besides being a curved smartphone – concave from top to bottom – it’s a flat-out impressive Android (4.2.2) device. It has a 6” […]

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    LG G2 is the Ultimate Phone for Selfies [Hands on]

    LG has just unveiled their G2 flagship smartphone. This summer has been packed with lots of smartphone announcements, so what makes the G2 stand out exactly? For starters it’s packing a massive 5.2″ full HD IPS 423 ppi edge-to-edge display, but LG promises that despite its large display, the G2 is comfortable enough to hold […]

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    LG G2 Launches Wednesday – Watch it LIVE Here!

    This post brought to you by LG. All opinions are 100% mine. The LG G2 smartphone is set to launch this wednesday. For weeks, rumors surrounding this upcoming smartphone have been swarming the internet. Those rumors include speculation that the device will pack in a 5.2″ display with a full HD 1080p display, and that it […]