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    Violent Lips Tattoos Your Lips Without the Pain

    Forget about the whole process of applying makeup – temporary tattoos have migrated northward to the lips and eyes. Violent Lips is a new brand of temporary tattoos designed to replicate the effect of cosmetics, but in all kinds of new and wonderful ways that would take a professional to pull off with regular makeup. […]

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    Save Your Discontinued Lipstick with Lipstix Remix

    Ready to play mad cosmetic scientist at home? Well Lipstix Remix will give you the tools to not only salvage your favorite lipstick color, but to also create a whole new color for yourself. The website might seem a little cheesy, kinda like one of those “As Seen on TV” type of infomercials, but the […]

  • USB Lipstick is the Glammest Flash Drive of Them All

    USB flash drives are slowly turning into dinosaurs. After all, who needs to carry around a USB Flash Drive anymore, when there are great free cloud storage services like Dropbox available to use? That said, this USB Lipstick Flash Drive makes me want to carry around a flash drive again. Of course this flash drive […]