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    Logitech Brings Alexa to Your Car

    Not too long ago we took a look at the Logi ZeroTouch smart car system, a way for owners of older cars to turn their smartphones into a driver safe smart car interface. Snapping an Android phone into one of Logitech’s dash or vent mounts automatically launches the ZeroTouch app, which enables simple voice commands […]

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    The Logitech Brio is a $200 4k HDR Webcam

    The one piece of hardware in laptops and monitors that has largely gone unloved is the webcam. Usually, that’s because a stock 480p or 720p webcam is good enough to capture your face for video chats. But, times have changed, and there are now a lot more uses for webcams — besides teleconferencing, they’re used for […]

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    Logitech Spotlight Remote Lets You PowerPoint Like a Boss

    It’s not the most exciting device in the world, we have to admit. But, if you really, really take pride in your PowerPoint skills, Logitech has a new toy that will go great with your passion for slides. Their new Spotlight Presentation Remote is at heart the same kind of clicker device that’s always been in […]

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    Logi ZeroTouch Hands-Free Car Mount and App Review

    Recently, I turned in a 2015 car lease which had all the infotainment bells and whistles one could ever want, short of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. I replaced this car with a 2013 model lacking all of those things, save for very basic Bluetooth connectivity. I spend a LOT of time in the car, so I am […]

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    Logi ZeroTouch Brings a Smart Car Interface to Older Cars

    Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are on the cusp of being available on every new car that hits the road, but a cursory glance around the highway will tell you most people aren’t driving vehicles made in the last few years. For all the non-smart cars out there, Logitech has created a physical smartphone mount […]

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    How to Transform Your TV Into a PC for Just $160

    The PC stick movement is a deceptively simple one — you get a cheap, tiny PC the size of a flash drive that can turn TVs into computers, but then the hidden costs and challenges crop up. First you need to find a mouse and keyboard for the thing, then you need to worry about […]

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    BLOK Cases Protect Your iPad Air 2 From Pretty Much Anything

    Tablets might not be on the PC-killer trajectory anymore, with iPad sales tailing off in recent months. But, there’s still a lot of you out there grabbing Apple’s latest tablet, and you might be in the market for a protective case. Logitech hears you, and they got serious about it with their new BLOK line. […]

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    Take a Swim with the $99 UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker

    Ultimate Ears is going small for their latest speaker, the UE Roll. The 12-ounce speaker takes after many other mini portable Bluetooth speakers, taking on a round shape and adding a strap ideal for hanging the speaker onto bags while traveling. The UE Roll, like the larger UE Boom, features 360-degree sound and a durable […]

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    Skrillex Gets His Own Speaker, a Limited Edition UE Boom

    When we reviewed the UE Boom from Ultimate Ears, we were impressed by the pure volume that such a small speaker was capable of. The cylindrical powerhouse is now getting remixed thanks to a new partnership with Skrillex, who has designed a limited edition of the portable Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, the new Skrillex design will […]

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    Logitech Bemo is a Vine Machine

    Logitech has kind of an odd new entry into the action cam market with Bemo. It’s small, pocket-sized, and incredibly simple to use. Bemo is a small, one-touch video camera that syncs up with an app for recording. The limitations are worth noting with this new camera—you can’t take stills, and the video is recorded […]

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    Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Review

    If you’ve ever needed a keyboard and/or mouse in your entertainment room, then you’ve just stumbled upon the single greatest accessory: the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard. This keyboard/trackpad combo is much more than meets the eye. The combo device is capable of extreme customization that will fit every single A/V need. In no time, you […]

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    Logitech T400 Zone Touch Mouse Review

    When someone tries to sell you a mouse that is “optimized for Windows 8,” they’re selling a mouse that has touchscreen controls mapped onto it somewhere. Some are more robust than others. On one extreme, you have the Asus VivoMouse – a mouse that is all touchpad, with all of the standard Windows 8 touch […]

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    Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers Review

    The classic setup of a computer flanked with two adequate speakers has slowly been going by the wayside, as more and more people either use headphones, higher-end speakers, mobile device docks, or – you know, the list is probably going to be too long. Point is, computer speakers aren’t as in high of demand as […]